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Ye olde homemade pirate sandbox

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Avast, me hearties! If you’re the kind of family who celebrates International Talk Like a Pirate Day and uses Pirate Facebook, you are gonna love this. Mom and previous Bunchland contributor Kelly sent in these photos of her family’s pirate ship-themed sandbox, constructed by her creative husband Colin without consulting any plans. Built into their deck, tharr vessel measures 7 by 3.5 feet and features a pirate bell, a movable steering wheel and, of course, a “plank,” which was specifically requested by their sprogs Carson, Nolan and Ella.

Walking the plank of the pirate sandbox

You can make this sandbox yourself for $100 if buying all of the supplies new or even less if you use salvaged (pillaged?) lumber. Here, mateys Kelly and Colin share their ship-building tips with ye.

Cap’n Colin’s tips:

1. The box was built with wood hanging around from a previous renovation, no special or expensive wood needed.

2. Use heavy-duty bolts versus nails along the side of the boat to add some character to the ship.

3. Add heavy rope that you can find at the hardware store.

4. We got our sand from a friend’s local reno. You can also find sandbox sand at Home Depot or even Toys R Us. If you build a ship on your deck, the sand becomes less messy because you can hose it down.

Lady Kelly’s tips:

1. Make the accessories yourself or buy them at yard sales.

2. Wait for end-of-season sales so you can buy stuff on clearance.

The wheel was found at HomeSense, a whopping $20, and it is the focus of the ship that gets the most attention!  The bell was found at Winners in the garden centre at the end of the season. I think it was $8. The flag is from Pottery Barn (on sale!) but you can find them on eBay.

Arrr! We be eyein’ this pirate ship sandbox with pleasure. Scroll down for our roundup of the best pirate booty on the web.

JollyRoger flag, $4.99.

Treasure maps, $2.48.

Kids’ pirate costume, $24.99

Nautical steering wheel, $21.99

Muppet Treasure Island DVD, $15.99

Pirate eye patch how-to from Instructables.com

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