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If you’re not on this list, you must be doing something right

Flavorpill’s rounded up who they deem to be the worst dads in cinematic history… and since their list includes domestic bullies, murderers, a pedophile and a Sith Lord, we’re not going to disagree with them. But bad dads can make for some pretty great films. Here are the fathers who most certainly do not know best:

1. Lt. Col. “Bull” Meechum in The Great Santini

2. Col. Frank Fitts in American Beauty

3. Dwight Hansen in This Boy’s Life

4. Humbert Humbert in Lolita (This doesn’t really count as a dad figure though, eh?)

5. Bill Maplewood in Happiness

For the rest of their list, and to see their rationale and some creepy clips of the bad dads, head over to Flavorpill.

So who are the best dads in film? There are some serious dad heroes out there in the movies; we want to know who your favourites are!

Surely no list would be complete with out To Kill A Mockingbird‘s Atticus Finch (Like, he almost doesn’t count he’s such an obvious choice)

And what about Marlin the Clown Fish from Finding Nemo? Nothing can stop him from finding his son!

Tell us who else should make the list!

Image by patrickmarsceill via Flickr

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