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I love the flags of the World Cup — the way humble houses become castles earnestly festooned with small lawn flags and cars fly colours like ships at sea. Toronto feels like the port of the world during the World Cup and when my children were younger I saw it as a chance to have some fun and drive the diversity of their home home: I’d print up a page with pictures of all the flags on it.

The point was to find them all and we did, but barely, and I thought you might also enjoy trying. Happy World Cup Flag Spotting.

world cup 2014 flag spotting game: the 32 flags in this year's world cup, alphabetized


Tick the box when you’ve spotted each flag. Are there some you see more often? Real keeners can make a mark next to the country each time they see a flag — and see which one comes out on top.

If your child has a question about the provenance of a flag, Google it with them when you get home. See if they want to design a flag of their own.

Click the image above or click here (twice) to download -> PRINTABLE WORLD CUP FLAG SPOTTING GAME

Tabatha Southey is a columnist for the Globe and Mail. She lives and tweets in Toronto. 


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