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Crayons have never looked more fab














American designer and author Todd Oldham, known for his fun and lighthearted approach to fashion, is currently collaborating with Target to give classic kids art supplies a seriously new look with tons of new uses. Inspired by his  2009 DIY guidebook Kid Made Modern, the collection promises to provide fun, crafty projects for kids of all ages.

Things look promising. Oldham’s take involves custom duck tape covered in neon patterns and comes with cover-able envelopes so you can make wallets or messenger bags, sassy art papers, pastel pipe cleaners, and over-sized crayons speckled with 64 different colours. Different edges and shapes let you make all kinds of crazy marks.

Some of the kits include “Block Party”, “Board-Book Kit”, and “Make-a-Frame Kit”. Since Oldham is a publishing enthusiast, his comic book kit provides totally new way for kids to interact with comics. A blank template comic book and stamp pads with the distinctive comic book “sound effects” like POW, ZAP and BAM let kids make their own superhero scenarios. Wearable accessories are also given due appreciation in the line. Five or six different jewelry kits contain funky and irregular beads with elastic thread stiff enough to thread through the beads, so no needles are needed.

The kits vary enough to accommodate all kids styles, so “if you’re a fancy boy or girl or want something a little more rough and tumble,” Oldham says in the video of the sneak peak he gave last week at the Target Studio in New York.

Um, can we get in on this DIY action?

The new line launches at Target Stores May 20th.

Photo from Kid Made Modern

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