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Here’s the proof – we’ve even infiltrated Disney. (Yikes.)

1. Ok. I’m getting cold. It must be from what’s frozen down below.

Disney Channel’s “Make Your Mark” featured a teen, Ben, and his two moms last month. (Yes, as in, two lesbian moms.)

You can’t see the video in Canada, so you’ll have to live with this screen shot of the clip. But seriously, now that lesbian moms have existed on part of the Disney empire, clearly there’s no place we can not go. Glaad.org reports this is the first time out queers have been featured on Disney, like ever.

2. First 2013 baby born in France has lesbian moms! His name is Sacha. Moms’ names are Maude and Delphine. See, we’re everywhere.

3. One Million Moms’ newest target is the Biggest Loser’s Jillian Michaels – but not because she’s queer and married to a woman. It’s because she swears a lot. (First Disney, now One Million Moms doesn’t care that a queer in tight fitting workout clothes is hanging around children? Really?! What’s the point of things anymore?)

4. Another queer spawn rocks it. 15-year old Noah St. John wins NPR’s Snap Judgement storytelling award. And the story he tells is about his two moms, and how much he loves them, despite the fact that they’re not perfect. It’s just wonderful.

Meri Perra lives in Toronto’s east end with her partner, two daughters, tiny cat and massive cargo bike.

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