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Carly Stasko investigates the quandaries of new parents… and raps on playgrounds

I first came up with this “Mom Rap” during a 4am sleep-deprived freestyle session I performed for my husband and newborn son when none of us were getting any sleep.  I have since  performed it for friends, family and strangers every chance I get. It breaks the ice and tells a story.  I think that parenting is equal parts comedy and confidence.

We can’t take ourselves too seriously, but at the same time it’s important to recognize how brave and bad-ass parenting can be.

Here it is, the Mom Rap:

Carly Stasko is a self-titled Imagitator, one who agitates imagination. She is also an artist/writer/producer/public speaker/cancer survivor/new mom living in Toronto. For more Carly Stasko, check out her radio stories on CBC’s Definitely Not the Opera and her blog, Imagitate the State.

Her series, How to Raise a Parent, appears twice a month.

All photos and images via Carly Stasko

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