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1. According to new research, mothers prefer their daughters over their husbands as they age. The feeling’s mutual – daughters also gain more appreciation for their moms as they grow up.

2. Despite Christian family values, estate tax discrepancies and surrogacy nightmares, more and more gay couples are having kids. We’re glad to hear it!

3. Have your kids ever caught a butterfly in a net? How about eaten an apple off a tree? Check out this bucket list for kids. 50 things to do before they’re 12 should fill up at least a few days this summer.

4. Don’t get too busy, though. Caines Arcade, the viral phenomenon showcasing one kid’s creative genius was born of 280 hours of free time to kill in the summer. Could unstructured summer time be a stroke of parenting genius?

5. Time lapse magic! Watch this baby grow into a gorgeous little lady right before your eyes!

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Photo by mfreyder via Flickr.  

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