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Latkes and blintzes can be a party on a plate.

Traditionally, many fried eats are made and consumed on Hanukkah. Sucking down a plate of grease-soaked carbs will suck the life out of you, especially if you happen to be a small child. These dishes are fine in moderation of course, but what about the other traditional dishes you want your kids to fill up on? Doughnuts need no assistance to be made fun. They leave us no mystery. What your kids DON’T know is that kugel and latkes can be a party on a plate! We’ve got some ways to make them appealing and a bit more healthy.


Who says latkes have to be circular? Mould them or use a cookie cutter to create some fun shapes before frying. Switch up the standard potato and onion mixture by adding some colour with grated zucchini and sweet potato. Zukes are high in potassium and Vitamin A, and sweet potatoes rival yukons in antioxidants. Or, grate some apples and lemon zest in for a sweet kick. Latkes can be made even more fun with different toppings. Switch up sour cream for homemade applesauce, or cucumber yogurt dill dip.


Featuring a main ingredient of egg noodles, this side dish can be sweet or savory. Get the best of both worlds with these apple and carrot kugel muffins. They present ample opportunity for kids to help by squeezing the matzo farfel and pouring the batter into muffin tins! You can dress up a full size sweet (or even savory) kugel in a casserole dish by laying some pineapple rings on top with maraschino cherries in their holes. Kugelicious.


Blintzes are pretty versatile when it comes to filling options. May we suggest starting with a multicoloured blintz? Separate the batter into a few dishes, and add a few drops of food colouring to each. Pour the different batters into your pan and swirl the colours together. Roll your multi coloured blintz into a fruit roll up!

A fun dinner idea is a pizza blintz. Fill a blintz with pizza sauce, mushrooms, cheese, and any other favourite pizza toppings, roll up and fry or bake till crispy. For a fortified dessert blintz, make a DIY Banana Split! Spread some cottage cheese inside the blintz, and fill with a banana sliced lengthwise, strawberry slices and blueberries. Roll up and top with some strawberry yogurt and chopped nuts.

Matzo Ball Soup

Kids dig making matzo balls. They’ll like it even more when you make them green, yellow and red! Alter the colour by adding a dose of spinach, tomato paste, or turmeric. This recipe shows how you can make all three with ease as part of a tricolour Matzo ball soup.

Photos by I Don’t Know, Maybe, nicasaurusrexhappydacks, vegabond shutterbug via Flickr

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