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Remember the birth centre promise?

When Ontario regulated midwifery way back in 1991 one of the key philosophies of midwifery care, choice of birthplace, included the promise of birth centres, non-medicalized facilities where clients could chose to give birth.

Now that the first babes born under regulated midwifery are on the verge of becoming parents themselves, Toronto is welcoming the first midwife-led birth centre — one of just two coming to the province — in Regent Park. The Toronto Birth Centre will open its doors soon.

The exact date has not yet been made public but the sign on the building is there, so we know it’s a-coming.

Woman with two babies inside the Toronto Birth Centre


The Toronto Birth Centre will be able to accommodate up to 450 births per year. Each of its three birthing rooms comes equipped with a jacuzzi and a queen-size bed. Its administration offices and the Toronto Birth Centre’s lead partner, Seventh Generation Midwives Toronto, have offices upstairs.

Best of all, if the Toronto Birth Centre and the birth centre set to open in Ottawa next month are successful, it could lead to more birth centres opening in Ontario. Which means for more choices in birth place for everyone.

It almost makes us want to do the whole giving birth thing all over again. Almost.

 source: Toronto Star

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