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Here’s what you might have missed

Yesterday, we hosted a Social Media Week panel that was a bit of a continuation of last year’s Social Family discussion. Specifically, we were interested in talking about how within 12 short months, our families’ relationships with social media, especially on mobile platforms, has changed so drastically. We invited back our favourite parenting expert, Alyson Schafer and brought in innovative educator Royan Lee and a blogger from one of our favourite sites, GeekDad’s Brad Moon.

Here are some highlights, captured by our audience via Twitter:

@elanamatic: “Teaching kids about tech and social media is part of parenting today” @alysonschafer, which follows

@elanamatic “it’s important to create a safe environment for kids to share what is happening in their online life” @alysonschafer

 What if you’re not digitally savvy yourself? Alyson Schafer says tough! It’s just another thing we have to do with our kids now.

@JustNikiV: @ChantalSaville @bunchfamily @royanlee there does seem to be a lot of “pretty” on Pinterest but not just that.

Pinterest is a new social media tool that some have dismissed as a girl social media network, but the men are starting to come around. Royan Lee said he tried it out and didn’t really get it.

@Lauraldawn: Really not agreeing about Club Penguin. As a parent say no and your child is not gambling.

Alyson Schafer had talked about how she didn’t like her kids on online games and the corporations are the new cyber bullies. Brad Moon thinks of Club Penguin as more of digital sandbox.

@PostDewey: @royanlee @alysonschafer 2 history repeats itself as each generation redefines general fears through the new tech lens #SMWsocialfamily..

Brad Moon said that some parents’ fears about too much time online is just the new “boogeyman”; previously: comic books, TV, videogames.

@BunchFamily: Both @royanlee & @alysonschafer say they have wired families. His daughter uses iPhone like a touch, not a phone

This starts up a conversation in the Twittersphere between @SandraEMartin and @AppHipMom:

@SandraEMartin: Kids cluster around Gr5 girl @ school w/ iPhone+data plan. How 2 prep my kids 4 that?

@AppHipMom: Yikes, at grade 5? DD’s class just have iPods.

@AppHipMom There’s no reason she needs one except maybe to one up everyone else.

@CMM_Toronto: Why are we so afraid of kids embracing technology? It’s an evolution…they’ll evolve with it.

@BunchFamily “disclosing” releases stress, says @alysonschafer. Great to just write things down, kids more able to get it out

Whether emailing, Facebook messaging or blogging, Alyson Schafer says kids just need to write things down to decompress.

@CookieM8ker Facebook improving kids self esteem by providing a vision board for themselves –  @alysonschafer

Kids get to decide how to present themselves when crafting their profiles, how they see themselves/how they’d like to be seen.

That’s just a taste of all the discussions we had yesterday. Stay tuned for more!

Photo via Amanda Factor

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