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In our favourite post of 2014 thus far, Slate writer Paul Lukas stumbled on the heretofore unremarked-upon video sub-genre of kids’ wiggly teeth removed using the Doorknob Method.

We have to admit: growing up, we weren’t aware there was any other way.

We were stunned to learn, after most of our baby teeth were already dispatched via this method, that some kids in our class actually went to the Dentist to have it done. Sometimes they even got to bring a friend.

Tooth extraction by doorknob: Slapstick milestone


In our family, being a thrifty-to-the-point-of-ridiculousness household, we stuck to the iconic and tried and true method. Dad. String. Doorknob. BAM.

Besides, look how fun!

As Lukas points out in the Slate piece, these videos are compelling because the entire procedure is inherently dramatic. The anxiety. The dramatic tension and buildup. The release.

Sometimes, in an attempt to get it over with quickly, the procedure is unintentionally traumatic.

The key to a successful non-traumatizing tooth removal is that kiddo has got to be ready.

Some parents skip the whole doorknob variable completely.

Seriously, what a trooper.

This kid’s giggles through the whole thing are amazing.

And more experienced kids are often super DIY in their approach. Abby is badass:

Lukas’ Slate post goes deep into the various methodologies and approaches, including methods other than a slammed door. Many of these we wouldn’t recommend (dogs, cars, footballs, other sibling).

However, this one — tooth removal via remote toy plane — is a winner:

With my own daughter, I could only convince her to try the doorknob trick one time — the rest of her loose teeth she wiggled out herself, covertly.

But the Slate post and clicking through a whole series of videos sent me on a delightful trip down memory lane. Thanks, Dad!

What did you do growing up? And have you ever done the Doorknob trick with your own kids?

source: Slate, Youtube

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