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Beth Blenz-Clucas blogs about music for kids that grownups will love too

Like many families, we’re trying to cut down on the amount of meat in our diet. Too much carnivorism is not good for the planet or us. But Thanksgiving is a time when tradition is strong . The holiday wouldn’t seem right without a giant bird roasting all day in the oven. As a compromise, and keeping in mind the freakish nature of today’s genetically engineered, factory turkey farming, that 59 cents-a-pound deal is not going to be on the menu. We’re paying top dollar for a bird who purportedly had a happy, hormone-free life before landing in our roasting pan. Veganism is virtue that I can’t adopt.

Still, in honor of all of our meat-free friends this Thanksgiving, here’s kindie star Joanie Leeds‘ cute music video for her “Tofurky Song.” Joanie even offers a fun craft here for you to try with your kids:

The song is catchy, and the lyrics are clever: “Looks a little mushy Doesn’t have a turkey tushy, But I’ll give it a try.”

If you, like me, simply must have the occasional roasted fowl, Cibo Matto’s “Know Your Chicken” will be a goofy treat, even if you are Canadian and Thanksgiving 2011 is just a happy memory.


Beth Blenz-Clucas is a Portland-based mom and musical bystander. When she’s not trying to convince a journalist to listen to the latest indie kids’ music CD, she’s enjoying the fact that she no longer needs to find a babysitter to enjoy the vibrant Northwest music scene. Check out more of her writing at Sugar Mountain PR.

Photo via Joanieleeds.com

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