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What we’re reading today:

1. It used to be that we thought babies and toddlers always live in the present; not so! They remember much more than we think they do.

2. There’s been a lot of talk recently about healthy pregnancies and how much an expecting mother should eat, so here are some guidelines as to what you should be eating.

3. The teacher bias against girls in math. Teachers! Come on! What about the female math teachers? Can we all make a pact that we’ll try and spread the “girls can do math and science” notion as often as we can?

4. Did you hear about that stillborn baby who wasn’t so stillborn? Oh. My. Gosh. The baby was born three months premature, was immediately declared stillborn and the mom didn’t even get to hold her since the baby was immediately sent to the morgue. When mother and father went to visit her in the morgue to say their hello-goodbyes, the baby stirred and cried. The baby, Luz Milagros, is getting stronger and the parents are suing the hospital.

5. Note: Kids don’t like people in panda suits

Yesterday: The pregnancy hair colour rebellion, parenting lasts and the truly terrible twos.

Photo by woodleywonderworks via Flickr

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