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Looks like a Viking — with the power of a god! Behold: Mighty (Cute) Thor

Thor was a product of Marvel during the silver age of comic books before the 2011 film presented Thor as an epic bearded, heartbreakin’ hero.

thor costume recipe

Marvel’s Comic Book Thor was born in 1978 and is based on Thor of Norse mythology. In the Marvel universe, Thor has an alter ego Donald Blake who treats the sick and injured. But as Thor he’s friends with Zeus, eats golden apples to sustain his lifespan, and most importantly, wears a pretty sweet costume. The blockbuster movie a few summers ago gave Thor a less primary coloured ensemble.

Pick whichever Thor you prefer — original Comic-styles or Chris Hemsworth

Defining features:

Long blond hair, Red cape, Hammer, Viking vibe

You’ll need:

  • Beard (fun fur on an elastic band – or just face paint)
  • Winged helmet
  • Red cape
  • Thick gold belt
  • Yellow boots
  • Blue pants
  • His hammer, Mjolnir (Kleenex box + paper towel roll)
  • Breast plate (aluminium roasting pan or shape one out of cardboard)

Recreate Thor’s armour by using the cheap and handy trick inspired by our Snow White costume. Get two disposable foil roasting pans from the nearest dollar store, and cut off their edges: You should have two pieces of stiff flat foil. 

• Cut a neck scoop and stylize the shape of the breast plate if you want. Thor’s look has changed quite a bit over the years, so there is no single appearance you must adhere to. 

• Mark out Thor’s muscles using permanent black marker.

• Turn the edges in and punch holes in the top corners of each pan so you can tie them together over your child’s shoulders, and at their sides. Cover strings in tin foil (Hot glue it in place if you want to be sure it stays put).

Use the tops of frozen juice containers for medallions on the breast plate. Stick them in pairs across the chest, ribs and stomach of the breastplate.

• Cut a cardboard lightning bolt, paint it gold and hot glue to the gold waist belt. Use a red sheet or tablecloth to fashion a cape.

To make Thor’s distinctive indestructible hammer (or Mjölnir), cover a Mini-tissue box with tin foil and hot glue it to the end of a paper towel roll. Toddler pounding toys are also a good source: just make the hammerhead bigger by layering with masking tape and foil.

• There are plenty of winged helmets around, but in a pinch use the Paper-Maché balloon trick. Cover a full blown balloon thickly in paper maché and after it dries, cut in half. Pick the best one to wear as a hat. Add some foam or cardboard wings on either side. In a pinch you could just add wings to a baseball hat worn backwards.

Don’t forget the most important part of all:  Thor attitude.

Regardless of gender, we’re talking booming voice, heavy feet, and a vengeful grimace. Have your kid start practicing while you put it together. (‘Tude may or may not be improved by sugar high.)

 hat tips to: WikiHow, Spoonful, The Mary Sue


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