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is this beautiful short film, spontaneously narrated by an imaginative and articulate six-year-old child, and directed by :

The Scared Is Scared


Bianca Giaever is a Vermont-based radio and multimedia producer, originally from Seattle, who is in the habit of obsessively recording the conversations she has with people. Meandering about the internet on this snowbound, snowtastic day, I came across her fantastic short video.

The first time I played it I was distracted by the sound of a ringing phone. So I just let the video play out in the background. (Radio is my first love, which I fell into via obsessively editing video.) As the child’s voice played over the speakers through my apartment, his words started weaving and poking their way through my subconscious into conscious thought, as music so often does, and it gave me a little inkling of how my two-year-old might perceive – and make sense of – language.

This has been on my mind lately anyway because my son has started talking. He talks incessantly. He talks to us and, almost as often, he talks just to himself. He wakes up talking and if no-one replies right away, he starts in on singing. He sings the rhymes he knows, and if he forgets a line, he unselfconsciously subs in something that works. He narrates what he’s doing and sometimes – I am so lucky to catch these moments – I hear him audibly stumble upon a flash of insight. He is putting things together.

He is working out the puzzle that is the world, through language.

Here’s Bianca Giaever’s video:

The Scared is scared by Bianca Giaever 

Improvisation. Wellspring of creativity. The wandering mind.

Helen Spitzer is the senior editor at Bunch.

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