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Keep calm and nibble on

This is going to be a quick one.

We’ve just jumped over Labour Day and all of a sudden things are busier than they should be. I read a great quote today: “Stop the glorification of busy”. This is true. I’ll do that next week. For now, I am going to reminisce over the three days we spent at a cottage over the long weekend. Just me and my boys and the lake and trees and fire pit.

So good. So, so good.

There was also food, which there always is. I thought of you, recipe readers, as I was up at the cottage eating so many unmentionable foods that I usually never eat. Isn’t it weird how the cottage does that? Like, when else do you eat Ruffles chips with onion dip?

I am going to share the quick, no-cook, solution to my favourite kind of lunch (other than soup. Man, I love soup). This is the Grazing Plate. Kids love it. They can pick and chew and nibble and come back to it when they’re hungry. My version includes this:

  • Suzie’s Spelt Multigrain Crackers
  • Niagara Gold cheese
  • Green Olives (picholine are my favourite)
  • Tomatoes from our garden
  • Dry-cured sausage
  • Cucumber slices

You can make this plate however you’d like. We do so many variations of it. I always have raw veggies, cheese, bread or crackers, and some kind of sausage or deli meat of the gourmet kind. Olives are, of course, a must. But gherkins or pickles would be a pleaser as well.

Go crazy. Hey, why not try this sort of thing in a lunchbox?

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Eden Hertzog is the Baker Babe and mom behind New Moon Kitchen. Find more delicious and healthy recipes at her blog.

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