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Everything you need to savour the simple pleasures of summer

As we push on into August, we’re all well versed in our own repertoire of cooling tactics — pyjamas in the freezer, macgyvering the fan just so, a tile-floor lie-down. As effective as those may be, eating ice cream is way more fun than any of them. Here’s how to hit the ‘cream in the coolest (and tastiest) way possible.


If you’re feeling a little more ambitious than cracking a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, making ice cream from scratch can be a super rewarding summer craft.

We believe no ice cream recipe should involve a ton of time or effort. Ideally, you wouldn’t even break a sweat. After all – if you’re making ice cream, you’re probably already sweating from the sheer heat outside. This banana coconut ice cream recipe requires only 5 ingredients and a blender. It makes a great base for a tropical sundae.

For when the corner store cooler just won’t cut it, here are some gourmet popsicle recipes and awesome pop moulds so you can make your own freezer creations using fresh herbs and seasonal fruits. They taste even better when shaped like rockets.

Summer flavours don’t need too much doctoring up to make them really shine. Lime and watermelon is a simple match made in heaven. Eden’s watermelon lime and honey pops are a healthy and delish way to cool down. If you dig that combo, check out 5 super amazing things to do with watermelon, including watermelon slush (watermelon + ice + blender + noisy straw = DELISH).


Making ice cream is satisfying, but playing with the store bought stuff can be even more fun.

Before you get cracking on your own personalized ice cream treats, make sure you’re filling them with the best stuff. Here are a few of our favourite ice cream brands, from sweet and savoury to ice cream truck inspired. Now, roll your sleeves up and ready your freezer – August is going to need a reliable stockpile of treats.

Here’s a sandwich creation for those who think outside the box: s’mores + classic peanut butter and jelly = PB & J ice cream sandwiches. Bust these out at your next BBQ and kids will be flocking.

If you’re looking for a real showstopper, whip up one of these 4 super easy ice cream cakes. We captured the best flavours of summer and put them into cake form – pink lemonade, s’mores, there’s even a giant sundae pie in there. Just mix, mold, freeze, and decorate to your hearts content – that’s the best part, right?

The sauces, candy toppings, sliced fruits … dreaming up the perfect sundae occupies our thoughts rather intensely in the summer. We’re not ashamed. We asked Bunch readers to dream up their ultimate ice cream sundae, with delicious results.

Here’s a cool idea: if you want to make your next sundae experience a little more explosive, mix up one of these fireworks sundaes. Because summer just isn’t summer without some fireworks – even better if they take the form of an explosion of flavour in your mouth. We recommend adding some visual appeal with some fresh strawberry sauce and / or blueberry compote.


Let’s face it: eating ice cream with a spoon just takes longer.

Mix up your picnic strategies – host a brunch picnic and bring along a frosty treat you can enjoy in the AM! These virgin peach bellinis are just like a slushie, but with an added touch o’ class and a serving of fruit. Everyone wins! For a more zestier drink, try a  fresh lemonade slushie. (In case the thought of drinking a slushie with breakfast makes you cringe anyway you cut it, trick your kids into thinking they’re eating ice cream for breakfast with these topping-ful DIY oatmeal sundaes.)

When record store day rolled around in April, we made drive-in style malted milkshakes for some tasty throwback fun. These pair well with vinyl lounge sessions anytime its too hot to play outside. For cooling down after a hard day of backyard exploration, these bright-green pistachio shakes are ghoulish enough to please any creepy-crawly-loving kid.

Photos by lupinoduck,  flickrmaggieconniefogglesaretalimoe via Flickr. 

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