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Cool ways you and your family can enjoy the Fab Four

The Beatles’ timeless tunes are good for everyone, so introduce your kids to the Beatles and they’ll be hooked for life. We’ve come up with such a crazy-exhaustive list of fun things for your Beatles-loving family to enjoy, it’ll keep you busy eight days a week.


1. The Beatles Rarity Cartoon Archive

The Beatles Rarity has done a fantastic job collecting clips from the Beatles’ animated TV series. Follow the mop-topped heart breakers as they gallivant around London and tour around the world to a soundtrack of Beatles songs. Your kids will be imitating the accents after the first few minutes.

2. Yellow Submarine the Book!

This lovely picture book captures the distinctive imagery of the 1968 animated film. Speaking of…

3.  Yellow Submarine

Did you know you can watch it in full on YouTube? Your kids will love the animated fantasy! Find out what happens when the Blue Meanies strip Pepperland of colour and seal the band inside a music proof bubble. It’s a treat for the eyes and ears.

4. Beatles Comic Book

Beatles Comic Book Cover Ch. 8

This series outlines the story of the Beatles from “The Dream” to “The Success.” The eight titles start when rock and roll music was first aired on Radio Luxembourg and take the reader all the way to the Beatles set in the Star Club where they played “Twist and Shout” and “Long Tall Sally.” Print them out and give your kids a visual of how the Fab Four emerged from quiet Liverpool and rocked the world. Warning: the banter in these strips is not without a few swear words.

5.  Beatles Book for Classical Guitar, Kids Edition.

Teach your kid easy guitar notation and tablature for 15 Beatles hits. Let the family jam sessions roll.

6. A Hard’s Day’s Night

It’s slap-sticky and rocking and gives your kids an idea of just how big the Beatles are.


1. Rockabye Baby’s Lullaby Renditions of Beatles Songs

Invite those Golden Slumbers with this CD series that turns classic rock songs into relaxing lullabies. The Beatles don’t need trembling reverb to rock.

2. The Beatles Rock Band

kids playing beatles rock band

Definitely the most interactive way to experience the Beatles legacy, Rock Band lets you and your fam rock out to 45 Beatles songs on your XBox. You can play guitar, bass, drums and sing on the mic with up to six people. Don a Sgt. Pepper costume and one of our ‘stache pops if you really want to embody the band. Next up: family cover band. What!?

3. All You Need is Love: Beatles Songs for Kids.

Kid favourites Raffi and Eric Bibb come together in to cover classics like “Blackbird,” “Here Comes the Sun,” and “Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da.”etty endearing.


1.  Yellow Submarine Colouring Book.

Mythical aquatic creatures and bangin’ underwater parties can be made as psychedelic as your kid wants. Also, check out these free Beatles colouring printables featuring band caricatures.

2. Yellow Submarine Cookie Cutter 

yellow submarine cookie cutter from the beatles

“We all live in a yell— om nom nom”

3. Beatles Monopoly

Choose to go around the board as a walrus, silver hammer, octopus, strawberry or raccoon! And Boardwalk, schmoardwalk; like a true music fan, all you care about is owning is albums.

4. Yellow Submarine Electronic Pinball Machine

Perfect for kids, this-battery run game combines pinball nostalgia with iconic Beatles imagery, lights, sounds and double flipper action.

5. Beatles Puzzles!

Jigsaw puzzles are even better when you’re working toward a huge depiction of everyone’s favourite colourful underwater party bus. And when your family’s looking for more of a challenge, try the Sgt. Pepper puzzle.

Photos by timojazzGolondri.nagiesenbauer, drake lelane, retromoderns via Flickr, other images via Beatles-Web and Neatoshop

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