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How young is too young to talk about sex? Different ideas abound: China is somewhat famous for its early sex education programs and use of anatomically correct toys (shown below) in the process.

Here in North America we’re not so open. Over at Mommyish, parenting writer Lisa C. Baker makes the argument that it’s never too soon to talk about sex, namely:

  • Using correct names for all body parts, including penis and vulva (which is more accurate than saying “vagina”) 
  • Teaching kids that “privates” really are private — and that only “safe people” can touch them. (And since “safe people,” even relatives, can be abusers, Baker stresses that consent is even more important for kids to understand.)
  • Letting kids choose when, how and who they want to kiss hello or goodbye.
  • Being age-appropriately honest about where babies come from.

On this latter point, Baker stumbles a bit. When her daughter asks how babies are made:

I told her babies come from a mix of daddy parts and mommy parts. The daddy puts baby-growing parts inside of mommy’s belly, and the baby grows there.  

Which is fine, until Baker’s daughter announces that she’ll be forced to “marry” her second choice (a friend who is a boy, as opposed to her first choice, a friend who is a girl) because she wants to have babies. Because two girls can’t have babies, according to that definition.

Which happens to be what Cory Silverberg’s What Makes a Baby Book is all about! How babies are made and come into the world in just about every type of family. So that fewer of us have to stumble.

(Psst: What Makes a Baby just hit the shelves and can be bought in these places.)

source: mommyish.com

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