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We wanted to speak to some famous Jews about Passover. Playwright Daniel Goldfarb shares his family’s traditions.
1. What does your family do for Passover?
Very old fashioned. One seder with my wife’s side of the family and one seder with my side. The Goldfarb seders are enormous, and in fact my mom makes two. She’s literally had more than 40 people per night. We just keep growing. It takes a week for her to prepare it all.

2. What are your favourite parts of the seder meal?

I love the four questions. As a newish dad, I find them really moving. I love the Manischevitz. And I love the actual meal. My mom is an amazing cook and she also makes a lot of non Passover recipes that my Nanny and Bubby made, so it’s more than just a seder, it’s a historical family nostalgia feast.

3. What traditions will you pass onto your kids?

The works. The songs, the afikomen hiding, the Who Knows One in one breath game…

4. Have you been to or led any non-traditional seders and if so, what did you do differently?

I went to a seder on the Upper West Side that combined the traditional Haggaddah with Yiddish, Ladino, even Black spirituals like ‘Let My People Go.’ It felt so vital and authentic and current. And then at dessert, I commented on how delicious all the pastries were and asked what the secret to great Passover desserts was and I was told ‘flour.’ Go figure.

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Daniel Goldfarb is a playwright, teacher and dad living in New York City.
Photo by SpecialKRB via Flickr
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