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Visit the Rosenbach Museum in Philadelphia, PA and see their Maurice Sendak Collection

image from the sendak collection at rosenbach museum

We first learned that the Rosenbach Museum and Library in Philadelphia had a Maurice Sendak collection when we read about the Chertoff mural.

detail from maurice sendak's chertoff mural

In 1961, two years before Where the Wild Things Are was written, Larry and Nina Chertoff’s family friend Maurice Sendak drew them a mural on their bedroom wall. Last February, the Chertoffs donated their mural to the Rosenbach Museum and Libary and the museum took the mural from its Manhattan apartment, wall and all.

The Rosenbach Museum and Library is home to over 10, 000 Sendak objects, including original drawings, preliminary sketches, manuscript materials, photographs, proofs and rare prints of Sendak books. In other words, a veritable treasure trove for Sendak fans.

preliminary sketches for where the wild things are

Flip through the online Sendak collection galleries and you’ll find that the alligators in “Alligators All Around” did not always catch colds and entertain elephants; at one point they were chasing cats and eating everything.

preliminary storyboard for alligators all around by maurice sendak

Maurice Sendak’s relationship with the Rosenbach Museum and Library goes back to 1966 when he and Dr. A.S.W. Rosenbach discovered they collected all the same artists and authors, like Herman Melville, William Blake, Emily Dickinson and Lewis Carroll. In 1968, Sendak decided that the Rosenbach Museum would house all his sketches and notes and ephemera.

We need to get ourselves down to Philadelphia and examine this wonderful collection for ourselves!

More Sendak: Here’s our news round-up featuring choice bits from interviews.

Images from top: via Rosenbach.org, Philly.com, Ryan Brunsvold, and Rosenbach.org

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