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What we’re reading today:

A new version of Monopoly is set to come out with no money, no dice and no chance cards. Instead, a computer in the middle of the board will run things. The New York Times reports that this is to make the classic boardgame more appealing for the video game-low attention span generation.

Tired of looking at your baby’s bald head? Baby’s head cold and a hat doesn’t quite cut it? Or maybe you just want your baby to fulfill her true purpose in her young, baby life: entertaining you. Check out this crochet wig pattern and craft your baby some yarn hair.

A pop-up kindergarten in Tahrir Square? Since all the Cairo schools were closed during the protests, and parents didn’t want to miss out on the protests, when the demonstrations calmed down a little, they simply brought the young ones along. Some genius demonstration organizers set up a makeshift kindergarten so the kids could take part in history. Via BoingBoing

Your Cinderella-loving girls and boys have a chance to check out a real life princess when Prince William and Kate Middleton visit Canada this summer. You may want to warn the young ones that the soon-to-be Princess Kate will likely not have her tiara with her. Nor her fairy godmother. Via The Globe and Mail.

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