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How to Get Outside

Make Outdoor Fun A Habit


This week we’ve talked about the value of getting outside in the winter months — and from an informal survey I know it’s a priority for many parents this year. But how do we make outdoor time a new habit? One way is to actively schedule outdoor time, the way we schedule dentists’ appointments or… Read More »

What to Bring Along on a Winter Picnic


Because alfresco trumps the kitchen table. Even in winter. Does the thought of winter camping makes your toes curl in anticipation of turning blue? Hankering to get outside and shake off the cabin fever? Pack up your sled with well-stocked picnic basket (or insulated backpack) and head outside! There’s a freedom and excitement in eating… Read More »

News Round-Up Jan. 3: New Year’s Unresolutions, Perfect Parenting and Beyonce’s Enduringly Entertaining “Single Ladies”


What we’re reading today: 1. From slacking on chores to doddling in the morning, teacher and behaviour expert Nicola S Morgan offers a round-up of advice to help you break your kid’s bad habits this year. 2. On the other hand, maybe you identify more with one Huffington Post writer’s “unresolution” to simply be a more… Read More »

5 Favourite Sledding Videos


A collection of videos of maybe the best winter activity We love tobogganing. We love it so much, we thought of spending New Year’s Eve on a sledding hill. So much, we might have pulled a child out of his skating class trip, having forgotten his skates, and took him sledding instead. 1. We thought… Read More »


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