News Round-Up March 11: Geeky Parents, Why Bedtime Stories are Important and Great Vegetable Recipes


What we’re reading today: 1. Hooray for vegetables! Encourage your kids’ (and/or partner’s) love of vegetables with these six excellent sounding recipes starring Brussels sprouts, okra and squash. (On Slate) 2. You know you’re a GeekDad when… 3. One Babble blogger is moving away from time-outs and is trying other ways to discipline her kids.… Read More »

News Round-Up Friday, January 21


What we’re reading on the blogs today: Can’t get your kids to eat brussels sprouts? Vered Guttman at Slate was convinced she could find a recipe to make her boys, who aside from sprouts eat everything, love the world’s most hated vegetable. The brussels sprout and split pea soup sounds pretty good. Shari Roan at… Read More »

News Round-Up Thursday, January 20


What we’re reading on the blogs today: Over at GeekMom we saw a book review for the Mommy MD Guide to Pregnancy and Birth. Judy Berna writes, “There’s something very comforting about knowing the person giving the advice has actually been in the trenches themselves. review of the Mommy MD Guide to Pregnancy Just so… Read More »

We Love: Thursday, January 6


What we’re reading on the blogs today: As you might have noticed, we’re big vegetable fans here. So much so, we get rather peeved when someone tries to hide them away. That’s why we were delighted to see George Ball of the Wall Street Journal declare 2011 to be the Year of the Vegetable! Ball… Read More »

We Love: Wednesday, December 8


What we’re reading on the blogs today: Straight out of Edward Scissorhands, ohdeedoh has featured grass flocked coin banks. Adorable. And much cuter than a Chia Pet. Yesterday, if you’ll recall, we were less than thrilled with a Babble post that showed you various ways to sneak vegetables into your kids’ food. Bits of broccoli… Read More »

Stop Hiding Vegetables From Your Kids


Let’s all stop lying to our kids about the awesomeness of vegetables, shall we? I can no longer stand idly by while an innocent group is mercilessly ridiculed and stripped of its very nature in living rooms across North America. I’m talking of course about vegetables and how they are portrayed on television. Broccoli holds… Read More »


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