News Round-Up Feb. 27: Frugal Living Benefits Kids, Banned Books Help Kids Read and the Power of Siblings


What we’re reading today: 1. Teaching kids to live frugally has many benefits, like learning to be more creative with their play and the value of delayed gratification. 2. In what comes as no surprise whatsoever, kids who aren’t super-keen on reading are more likely to be interested in banned books than non-controversial ones. 3.… Read More »

News Round-Up Feb. 14: Banning Gender-Crossing Clothes in Virginia, Lovenomics and Graduated Milk


What we’re reading today: 1. A school district in Virgina wants to ban cross-dressing among its students. The Suffolk school district wants kids to only wear clothes that reflect their gender. Um, does that even entail? No pink polo shirts for boys? Nothing with a sports team for girls? Apparently the school district thinks this… Read More »

News Round-Up Nov. 9: Chickenpox Lollipops, Class President Elections and the Secret Behind the Good Mommy Blogs


What we’re reading today: 1. Have your kids shown any early political aspirations? One dad looks back on his girl’s push to be class president, again and again and again. 2. It’s illegal and just a terrible idea to let your kid have an infected lollipop you got in the mail. 3. Photographer mom Emily… Read More »

News Round-Up September 6: Cookie Monster’s First Day of School, Carla Bruni’s Baby and Should You Get the Chicken Pox Vaccine Again?


What we’re reading today:   1. You will not get to see Carla Bruni’s baby. 2. Should you be getting your kid two doses of chicken pox vaccine? The Canadian Pediatric Society thinks so. 3. Have you seen Abe’s Peanut? It’s a kids’ magazine that keeps readers engaged by sending out postcards and coming up… Read More »

News Round-Up July 7: The New Family Tree, A Year in Bali and Pediatricians Who Ban the Unvaccinated


What we’re reading today: 1. Surrogates, sperm donors and adoption have really changed the picture of the family tree. 2. Avoid talking to strangers at all costs? Have a baby and maybe you’ll come around to the idea of chatting up random people. 3. Charlotte Bacon moved her husband and kids to Bali. She says… Read More »

News Round-Up June 29: Camp Prep, Vaccines For Moms and Jeff Bridges to Bring The Giver To the Big Screen


What we’re reading today: 1. The Giver, one of the best young adult novels ever, might finally be put on the big screen. Jeff Bridges originally acquired the film rights to it thinking that his dad, Lloyd Bridges could play the titular role, but now that he’s in his 60s, it’s just right for him.… Read More »

News Round-Up April 25: School Lunches Around the World, Don’t Say Gay and Nightmare-Inducing Bunnies


What we’re reading today: 1. An anti-vaccine group has taken out a huge video ad in Times Square, claiming they have “the facts,” but pro-vaccine groups say that a giant ad like this could cost thousands of kids their lives. Salon’s Rahul Parikh says, “high-profile defenses of vaccines are still few and far between.” Do… Read More »

News Round-Up February 17: Uncle Leo, 6 Months Without an iPhone and Vaccine Paranoia


What we’re reading today: Seinfeld actor Len Lesser, better known as Uncle Leo, has died. Reportedly, he went peacefully in his sleep. He was 88. Uncles are pretty great. We think this is a good opportunity to call your uncles and tell them so. We were so happy when Alyson Schafer said you’re not a… Read More »

Friday, January 7


What we’re reading on the blogs today: Have you seen these Kanye West “Monster” videos… featuring actual monsters? (By actual, we mean Cookie and Grover and their ilk) The editing is stellar and matches up nearly perfectly with Kanye’s song, but we’d still rather see the monsters actually singing the song like they did for… Read More »


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