When Your Kid Comes Out as Gay, Why Kids Love Colours and Moms on Business Trips


What the cool parents are reading today: 1. Younger and younger kids are coming out as gay, but the support systems we currently have in place don’t really take 7-year-olds into account. What do you do when your young son or daughter tells you they’re gay, or they don’t tell you but you suspect as… Read More »

Biking in France With Kids


We half-read, half-daydreamed through this article Last weekend’s Globe and Mail featured an essay from Karan Smith, datelined Loire Valley, France. Sigh. Smith and her daughter Pepina were off on a mother-daughter cycling trip that found them biking by Sleeping Beauty’s castle, Cinderella-esque pumpkin patches and actual chickens crossing the road. They cycled with a… Read More »

Sad to Leave Our Jamaican Paradise But So Happy to Be Home


Robyn Knickle shares stories from Hamilton, Ont. March 3rd marked five years of wedded bliss for my husband and I. By bliss, I mean chaos, with two babies, two houses and two new jobs, so we thought we would treat ourselves to a week in Jamaica without the kids. It seemed like the best idea… Read More »

Family Trend: Out of Season Travel


This article originally published in The Grid  Does anyone go away for March Break anymore? It’s just around the corner, but this year, fewer families are planning to jump on a Cuba-bound plane or load up the iPad for the drive to Florida—at least not during the school break. Families are travelling, but they’re doing it… Read More »

Trips Are for Kids


Cynthia Kinnunen blogs about sharing stuff from your childhood with your kids Although we were never able to venture too far from home (no trips abroad), some of my fondest memories growing up were travel-related.  You know, good old road trips and whatnot. I grew up in a northern Ontario town that was only a… Read More »

News Round-Up Nov. 21: An Anti-Co-Sleeping Campaign, Sexist Onesies and Twilight As Teaching Aide


What we’re reading today: 1. Have you ever been concerned about in-flight entertainment and it’s appropriateness? We have, but only because the inescapable movie playing was the Russell Brand Arthur. 2. You should use Twilight to teach your kids about sex and love and babies and relationships and all that. Wait. Sorry, that’s not right.… Read More »

News Round-Up Oct. 3: Old Moms, Travelling With Small Kids and Marketing to Babies


What we’re reading today: 1. In defence of the 50-year-old new moms. 2. A school in Toronto’s Parkdale neighbourhood created a few 3-grade split classes and parents were none too pleased and worried about bullying. Now they’re looking at alternatives. 3. A mother of five (under 6-years-old) explains how and why she brought her kids… Read More »

Family Roadtrip Update #4: What We Saw


Cynthia Kinnunen and her family drove from Toronto to Orlando Our drive to Orlando (from Toronto) was long but was not without a few interesting (or questionable) sights to see along the way. Aside from endless reams of the standard vacation/travel-type photos, we caught a few other shots. The view at New River Gorge Bridge… Read More »

Disney Roadtrip Adventure: Going, Going Gone!


Cynthia Kinnunen, her husband and their three kids are on the road en route to Disney World. We’ve sent Old School Still Cool blogger Cynthia Kinnunen off on a roadtrip to Disney World in a Chevrolet Orlando. How will she and the family fare on that 23-hour or so drive down? She’ll be reporting back… Read More »

Escape the City and Reclaim Your Sanity: Quick Jaunt to the Old Mill


Checking out the country within the city limits Kids are fun, and while we strive to find games and activities that are as much for the adults as they are for the kids, sometimes we just need adults-only time. Sometimes, we just want to chat with  partners and/or best pals without worrying about tripping over… Read More »

Travel Talk


Beth Blenz-Clucas blogs about music for kids that grownups will love too It’s travel season… I keep seeing all the posts and pics that my friends are sharing about their summer trips. There’s something about getting out of Dodge that does wonders for the mind and spirit. People ask how we were able to drag… Read More »

How to Travel With Babies and Kids on an Airplane


Because no one, least of all the kid’s parent, wants to hear them scream all flight A recent decision by Malaysia Airlines to ban babies in first class sparked quite the debate on the New York Times Motherlode blog, and when one mom recognized herself in a comment, she had to write in to tell… Read More »


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