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The Hunger Games Antithesis, Social Media as Autism Therapy and Books For Hippie Kids


What the cool parents are reading about today: 1. Turns out, children are not inherently selfish. “There is this dichotomy when we look at kids, and most people’s assumptions are that kids are self oriented and hoard things for themselves.” Does this also apply to turns on the slip n’ slide? 2. Researchers are becoming interested in social… Read More »

Make Your Own Videos on KidzVuz


Social Media with training wheels Looking to raise a future YouTube sensation, but don’t want to expose your kid to the wild world of YouTube commenters? That’s why we have sites like KidzVuz. If we know anything about the internet, it’s that it’s a good place to share your opinions, which is what KidzVuz does;… Read More »

Teaching Kids to Navigate the Internet Is Just Part of Parenting, Says Alyson Schafer


Our parenting expert tells you what you need to know There were some great discussions at our Social Media Week panel that featured Alyson Schafer, teacher Royan Lee and blogger Brad Moon. Our panelists didn’t always agree on everything, but brought different experiences with teaching kids how to work in the digital space. Schafer thinks… Read More »

News Round-Up March 24: Dangerous Sidewalk Chalk, Fight-Hungry Moms and Vacationing With Your Ex


What we’re reading today: 1. A city council in Australia has banned sidewalk chalk outside of a cafe because, while everyone seems to like the drawings outside the cafe, “it raises health and safety issues, in case somebody fell over a child on the footpath or into the street.” Seriously. Via BoingBoing 2. Just because… Read More »

News Round-Up March 10: The Social Family, Link’s Mom and a New Family Magazine


What we’re reading today: 1. Parents are registering gmail addresses, Twitter handles and domain names for their new babies. Do your kids already have an online presence? How social is your family? Via 2. Sure it’s great that Link went off to rescue Zelda, but what did his mother think about all his adventures?… Read More »


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