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The Communication Book


Those of you with teenagers will be familiar with the frequency of one-word answers to complex questions. When you dare ask, “How was school today?” the answer is typically a monosyllabic, “Good.” If you ask a follow-up question seeking more information such as, “What did you do today at school?” you’ll likely hear: “Work” or… Read More »


Outdoor Classrooms Benefit Everyone


I had the good fortune to read Andrea Gordon’s excellent article in the Star this summer on the miraculous effects that an outdoor classroom has been having on the students of Blaydon Public School. I then watched the video that accompanied the article with tears running down my cheeks, so inspired by the way that… Read More »

an empty daycare lot full of toys

Your Daycare Might Be Toxic


It’s so common to hear about the desperate search for daycare in Toronto that we often forget that finding a daycare spot can only be the beginning of the trouble. We hear so little about issues with licensed child care because the stories about the failures of unlicensed centres are often epic and tragic. But… Read More »

Teachers Bullied Autistic Boy and His Dad Caught It All on Tape


Warning: This story is very disturbing New Jersey dad Stuart Chaifetz was “stunned” to hear that his 10-year-old autistic son Akian was getting in trouble at school. Akian, who’d never exhibited any sort of violent behaviour before, was hitting his teacher and aide and having violent outbursts at school. His school, Horace Mann School, is… Read More »

The Science of Baby Fever, Judging Parent Friends and Judy Blume is Just as Awesome as You’d Expect


What the cool parents are reading today: 1. The science of baby fever and the ticking biological clock. It can strike anytime, but it most keenly felt by women in their late 20s. Sound accurate to you? 2. OK parents who are teachers, weigh in: are there parent-teacher wars? Have you known colleagues to quit… Read More »

News Round-Up September 8: What Belle’s Really Thinking, School Lunches and Sex-Ed Dolls in Schools


What we’re reading today: 1. Want to get in your kid’s teacher’s good books? Don’t assume they’re “the strict one” and schedule time to meet one-on-one rather than ambush them after school. 2. How one dad learned about autism from his son and a follow-up question from a fan of his memoir. 3. How do… Read More »

The Gift Your Kids’ Teacher Really Wants For the Holidays


Hint: it’s not a coffee mug Lesson learned: Teachers like booze. Teachers are heroes. They work long hours, don’t make tons of money and are tasked with trying to instill knowledge in our strong-minded offspring. They deserve gifts for the holidays more than anyone. So this year, you should definitely buy your kid’s teacher a… Read More »

The 5 Most Inspiring Teachers


Gever Tulley (right) We all had that one special teacher who was our favourite. Maybe because they taught us the one thing that’s stuck in our head our whole lives, or maybe because we were clearly their favourite too. Here are five teachers who inspire us (well, technically eight). Gever Tulley The author of the… Read More »


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