News Round-Up Dec. 21: Baby’s First Holiday, Supportive Tattoos and the Dangers of Mixing Christmas and Hanukkah


What we’re reading today: 1. Should we screen kids for high cholesterol? 2. Baby’s first holiday makes everything more fun and special for parents too. 3. Well, this is just awesomely supportive: parents whose kid has diabetes got insulin pump tattoos. 4. When Christmukkah gets out of hand. 5. It doesn’t come out for another… Read More »

News Round-Up Oct. 20: A Tattooed Barbie, Dear Prudence on Adoption and Toddlers Watching TV


What we’re reading today: 1. A new collector Barbie has pink hair and a sweet chest plate of a tattoo. Is this inappropriate for kids, or is it merely reflective of the women a young kid might come across? We can think of quite a few awesome moms and dads with a whole lot of… Read More »

News Round-Up April 6: Sneaky Vegetables, Teaching Kids Gay Rights History and Kindergarten Woodworking


What we’re reading today: 1. Enough with the sneaky vegetables, Babble! If you’re going to make a delicious zucchini bread, tell the kids the dish they just enjoyed was indeed zucchini bread! Likewise the eggplant parm pasta sauce. And who are you kidding, thinking a picky eater will fail to notice the peas and broccoli… Read More »


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