Read Aloud to Celebrate World Book Night


Pile yourself and all your kids into a big bed and read a story together It’s World Book Night! It’s a night where we celebrate our love of reading, and hope to foster that same love in other people too. In some cities, people will be going out distributing paperbacks in hope that these books… Read More »

Where the Wild Things Are As Read by Christopher Walken


Christopher Walken reads and interprets illustrations from a favourite book While it’s fun to read things with a Walken affectation, it’s really the Christopher Walken interpretation of what’s going on in Maurice Sendak’s illustrations that make this so enjoyable. “There’s a bear — strung up. I assume murdered. Maybe suicide. I don’t know.” Can we… Read More »

You Are Getting Very Sleepy: How to Incorporate 3D Storytelling into a Baby Bedtime Ritual


Carly Stasko investigates the quandaries of new parents FROM ROUTINES TO RITUALS: Having a consistent and fun bedtime ritual for your baby keeps everyone happy. It gives your little one important cues to help them transition from a busy day to a restful night. It’s a chance to wind down, to reconnect, to imagine, and… Read More »

News Round-Up September 19: Modern Family Ruled the Emmys, Story Time in Malls and What the Dads Said About That Testosterone Study


What we’re reading today:   1. How do you feel about publisher-sponsored story-time in malls when libraries are in danger of so many cuts? 2. Two of our pals, HerBadMother Catherine Connors and PhDinParenting Annie Urban take opposite sides in the great formula advertising debate. Should formula ads be banned, or would banning them make… Read More »

News Round-Up May 27: Babies’ Aha Moment, Where Does “Love Child” Come From and the Harsh Realities of Being a Girl With Dark Skin


What we’re reading today: 1.How do babies learn language? Researchers have found that babies have a eureka moment where a word and its meaning just clicks, rather than building up that association over time. 2.Speaking of language, how did we come to call a child born out of wedlock a love child? 3.Prozac’s active ingredient… Read More »


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