What to Bring Along on a Winter Picnic


Because alfresco trumps the kitchen table. Even in winter. Does the thought of winter camping makes your toes curl in anticipation of turning blue? Hankering to get outside and shake off the cabin fever? Pack up your sled with well-stocked picnic basket (or insulated backpack) and head outside! There’s a freedom and excitement in eating… Read More »

Outerwear with Attitude: DIY Monster Mitts


We’ll proudly shout how cool these monster mitts are from the snowy rooftops Kids loathe being sheathed in winter garb. It’s sweaty, itchy, cumbersome, and full use of the arms is impossible when your arms are about the length of a foot long sub. These mitten alternatives are guaranteed to make your kids smile. An easy, cheap… Read More »

News Round-Up Jan. 24: Why We Should Treat Strangers Like They’re Pregnant, Cold Climate Kids and the Best Kid Drummer


What we’re reading today: 1. We know, this is by now just common sense, but we need to remind kids about sunscreen. It seems the teens are too cool for it. Maybe that’ll all change when today’s 6-year-olds are teens. Don’t those teens know that sun damage causes premature aging?? 2. Rebecca Eckler says the… Read More »

Make Monster Tracks this Winter!


Making fiendish outdoor footprints is a great way to play with snow. If you happen to be surrounded by snow (we’re jealous if you are), unleash your little one on that white landscape to make a big impression. This winter activity provides an easy way to get outside, romp around in the snow, and freak… Read More »

Friday, January 13


Checking out his first snow Today’s Postcard from Bunchland comes from mikeporcenaluk in North Carolina.

5 Stories for Winter Nights


These heart-warming books are ideal for reading aloud and holding up the pictures 1. Thomas’ Snow Suit by Robert Munsch (1989) Thomas hates his snow suit and we don’t blame him. Being covered head to toe in sweaty padding sucks, no matter how old you are. The fights that erupt between Thomas and his mother, his teacher,… Read More »

News Round-Up Dec. 20: Baby Naming Strategies, E-Books for Kids and Dancing Rabbis


What we’re reading today: 1. Picky eaters are trying to destroy healthy lunch programs! 2. Aw new Canadians and Americans are so cute when they get excited about snow! (No one tell any recently immigranted friends about February, they just don’t need to hear about it yet) 3. Ever argued with your partner over naming… Read More »

Tuesday, February 22


Passing on a love of skiing Today’s Postcard from Bunchland comes from our Flickr pal Jacob Johan in Amsterdam. Do you have a Postcard from Bunchland? Send photos of family fun to or find us on Flickr.

Safe Snow Fort


How to build a safe snow fort using an old patio table As mentioned, today is a snow fort and frittata kind of a day. So we were stoked to learn about this safe and easy snow fort building technique from super awesome Bunchland dad, Jason Cavener. Just take a table (Jason and his daughter… Read More »

This Sunday Morning: It’s a Fritatta Snow Fort Sort of Day


Your Sunday Morning plan: EAT: One of the best things about a frittata is that they’re a simple way of cleaning out your fridge. Just grab whatever vegetables and assorted goodies you have on hand, mix them with a little egg and you’ve got breakfast.  Need some ideas? Babbycino Kids recommends adding onions, spinach, potatoes,… Read More »

News Round-Up February 2


What we’re reading today: Believe it or not, we’re supposed to get an early spring. Thanks, Wiarton Willie! Are you currently enjoying (or suffering from) a snow day? Check out this Special Report:   Speaking of snow, Slate says shoveling snow can be very, very dangerous. Like deadly. Clear those sidewalks carefully. Not sure what to… Read More »

Tuesday, February 1


Shoveling the driveway Who’s looking forward to a whole lot of this tomorrow? Today’s Postcard from Bunchland comes from Flickr pal Baynard Bailey representing the PK, NY. Do you have a Postcard from Bunchland? Send photos of family fun to or find us on Flickr.


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