Use Your Brain At The Action Potential Lab


There’s a new a space in town which aims to bring your inner science nerd and art geek together. The Action Potential Lab – Toronto’s first art and science lab – celebrated their grand opening this weekend with a bash that included a kid-focussed DJ-spin table, a chance to microscope anything-you-can-think-of onto a projector, crayon melting and magnetic… Read More »

Max Goes into Space stories floating around the International Space Station

It’s Out of this world — Story Time From Space!


In 2013, Chris Hadfield made the Canadian Space Agency cool all over again. In 2014, story time is blasting off to a whole new, out-of-this-world level! Story Time From Space is a reading series brought to you by the astronauts on the International Space Station. For the next while, during their free time astronauts will tape themselves reading books. The videos… Read More »

Young Scientists

Catch the Next Wave: Frontiers in Neuroscience – For Kids!


Do your kids ever ask you questions that you just can’t answer? Or perhaps questions that you’d like to answer just a little more scientifically? It happens to me all the time. For example, this one: “Why do I have to go to bed?” Sometimes I want to answer, “Because I say so – and because… Read More »


Why Are Babies So Delicious?


Ever wonder why we’re inclined to say things like, “I could just eat him up!” or “I just want to eat her face!” when a particularly adorable baby comes into view? Personally, I am still guilty of nibbling on my son’s toes, and he’s almost three. Truth is, he still has a tiny bit of that… Read More »

b.f. skinner's air crib in use in modern times

B.F. Skinner And The Crib Of The Future


Somewhere in the Gallery at the Centre for the History of Psychology in Akron, Ohio sits what might have been the most revolutionary accessory in infant and toddler care never to make it big. B.F. Skinner, famous for being the godfather of radical behaviourism — the theory that environment and genetic history play the greatest… Read More »

image by kelli anderson of the human torso with skeletal and ventricular systems

The Human Body App


Tinybop is a relatively new design firm that specializes in creative and educational apps for kids. Their first project has finally hit the streets and it’s super cool. Check out this video introduction to The Human Body App: Artist Kelli Anderson did all of the illustrations that went into creating the moving parts and pieces… Read More »

Bill Nye Against Creationism: “We Need Your Kids”


Bill Nye the Science Guy urges parents to teach their kids evolution. We couldn’t love Bill Nye any more than we already do. His easy charisma. His passion for science. The fact that the man knows how to rock a bow tie. After scoping the above video over on BoingBoing, we’re rooting for the science… Read More »


5 DIY Wild Terrariums For Earth Day


Cool terrarium themes to add some untamed fun to your kid’s natural habitat A terrarium is a sweet way to add some living charm to your kid’s space, and they can personalize it however they want.  Keeping a little eco-system alive can also be pretty empowering for a kid. Get ready for Earth day with these… Read More »

News Round-Up Feb. 17: More Interracial Marriages, Arsenic in Baby Formula and No Tenure for Moms in Math and Science


What we’re reading today: 1. Very important news for all moms unable to breastfeed: Your baby formula might have arsenic in it. Stay away from products sweetened with brown rice syrup! 2. More Americans are saying that interracial marriage is a good thing. As people who live in the most ethnically diverse city in the… Read More »

News Round-Up May 12: Mary Blair’s Amazing Art, Kids Doing Yoga and Air Canada Denies Seat to Teen With Peanut Allergy


What we’re reading today: 1. Another win for the breastfeeding crew: some new research shows that kids who are fed breastmilk are less likely to have behavioural problems. Via The Guardian 2. The kids these days are growing up with yoga rather than coming to it in young adulthood (We’re betting that unless you’re an… Read More »

News Round-Up April 11: Toys and Gender Stereotypes, Genetically Modified Breast Milk and Lego Brooklyn


What we’re reading today: 1. Crystal Smith at the Achilles Effect transcribed a bunch of toy commercials and created word clouds for “girl” toys and “boy” toys. The above word clouds were the results. So yeah, basically G.I. Joes for boys and Barbies for girls, just like it’s been for the last generations. Via BoingBoing… Read More »

Russia May Open Yeti Institute


Because how else can you study Yetis without an official Yeti Institute? Will we ever get proof of the snowy white bigfoot-like creature believed (by some) to inhabit the Himalayas? Now, nothing’s been confirmed, but Kemerovo State University just might start researching the abominable snowman. This is probably a really excellent use of academic funds,… Read More »


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