Where Does the Inspiration for Winnie the Pooh, Harry Potter, Wild Things, Narnia and the Cat in the Hat Come From?


Flavorwire takes a look at some classics children’s tales Are we ever glad Maurice Sendak couldn’t really draw horses! We knew the Winnie-the-Pooh inspiration from the intro to the old (old) Pooh videos we used to own, as well as the Cat in the Hat thing from previous Seuss-related Bunch research. London kids being shuttled… Read More »

5 Reading Recommendations from the Stephen Lewis Foundation


Our Dare to Draw Bunchbrary Our January Dare to Draw project presents an opportunity for you to talk to you kids about the issues that kids living in Africa face on a daily basis. From different cultural traditions to the Rights of a Child to dealing with HIV/AIDS,  here are a few picks from the Stephen Lewis Foundation that’ll teach kids a… Read More »

5 Stories for Winter Nights


These heart-warming books are ideal for reading aloud and holding up the pictures 1. Thomas’ Snow Suit by Robert Munsch (1989) Thomas hates his snow suit and we don’t blame him. Being covered head to toe in sweaty padding sucks, no matter how old you are. The fights that erupt between Thomas and his mother, his teacher,… Read More »

News Round-Up Dec. 12: Secular Christmas, Reading Drops in Popularity and Controlling Your Kids’ Presents


What we’re reading today: 1. So you celebrate Christmas, but you’re not exactly the midnight mass type, so what? Secular Christmas is pretty magical. (Which isn’t to say that a Jesus-is-the-reason-for-the-season Christmas isn’t also rather magical) 2. Do you have strict rules as to what people (grandparents etc.) can buy for your kids’ presents? 3.… Read More »

6 Ways to Have Maximum Fun at Your Local Library This Fall and Winter


We love us some libraries The library isn’t just a refuge from frosty weather; it’s also an excellent resource for fun. Aside from offering free books for winter nesting, your local branch can help you get creative with indoor activities while you also get a dose of culture, history, and support your community. Added bonus:… Read More »

5 Summertime Reads from Awesome American Bookstores


Summertime story-time goes stateside! It might be summer vacation instead of summer holidays, and next year, the kids might have finished third grade, not grade three, but our friends south of the border aren’t that different. They still know how to live, love, laugh and read, and so now, we’re taking last week’s Bunchbrary continent-wide!… Read More »

10 Summer Books from Across the Country


Our cross-country summer book Bunchbrary “No more pencils, no more books! No more teacher’s dirty looks!” The end of school might give kids a two-month reprieve from pencils (if they’re not typing already) and angry teachers, but who says they need to stop reading? Books should be part of summer, since summer’s part of so… Read More »

5 Books About Camping


Books to get you pumped up, books to get you freaked out The kids are two days away from freedom and unless you’re a germaphobe who would rather you and the kids spend all your time inside, no school = lots of time to run around outside. And what’s the quintessential outdoor activity? Camping. Now,… Read More »

Wednesday, June 15


Mom reading bedtime stories Today’s Postcard from Bunchland comes from Martin Kelley in New Jersey.

News Round-Up June 8: Extra Tutoring, Dangerous Playground Toys and Why You Should Read to Your Babies


What we’re reading today: 1. The joys and benefits of reading to babies. 2. Parents who are already shelling out $40, 000 for their kids’ private school education are spending an equal amount or more on tutoring. Course-specific tutors can charge more than $400 for each 50 minute session. 3. More parents are getting their… Read More »

5 Picks for Green Reading


Books to inspire your Earth Day celebrations. 1. There’s a Barnyard in my Bedroom by David Suzuki (2010) What self-respecting eco-minded Canadian doesn’t love the Suzuks? His latest kids book keep you (and your kids) engaged and interested in this adventure as a brother and sister discover the magic of the natural world all around them.… Read More »

Read Together and Celebrate Family Literacy Day


January 27 is Family Literacy Day ABC Life Literacy Canada knows the importance of reading with your kids. And How to Raise a Reader says that, “for a child, the more time spent with a parent reading aloud increases his or her level of attachment, enhances a sense of security, and imparts the knowledge that… Read More »


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