A Special Mother’s Day Message from Disney Pixar’s Brave


Finally, a Disney princess with a mom! Have you noticed the absence of moms in Disney movies? The heroines, with the exception of Sleeping Beauty, either have a wicked stepmother, or their dad just hasn’t found a new wife. But Princess Merida from Brave seems to have a very present and loving mother in Queen… Read More »

New Brave Trailer


Trailer #3 for Disney-Pixar’s Brave We. Are. So. Excited. For. This. Movie! We’re hoping that Merida is Katniss for the younger crew and that between Brave, Hunger Games and Snow White and the Huntsman, we’re just going to keep on seeing movies about strong, brave young women. Also, this trailer finally gives us a little… Read More »

National Princess Week, The Rise of the Dad Wars and Elisabeth Badinter Elaborates on The Motherhood Conflict


What the cool parents are reading today: 1. Last week we were talking Mom Wars, and now, naturally, come the Dad Wars. With flexible work schedules and partners who make more than they do, more dads are opting to stay at home and watch the kids and they’re getting flack for it. 2. Pixar’s working… Read More »

News Round-Up Oct. 7: How Steve Jobs Helped Familes, Raising Veruca Salt and a Disneyland Surprise


What we’re reading today: 1. One Apple fangirl of a mom says the things she’s most grateful to Steve Jobs for, is Pixar. 2. If your 5-year-old gets something and your 15-month-old doesn’t, your toddler knows something is up. 3. Steve Jobs wanted your kids to be bored sometimes. How else will they get creative?… Read More »

News Round-Up June 28: Violent Video Games, Camping With Babies and Where Are All the Family Doctors?


What we’re reading today: 1. Big fan of the outdoors? Here’s how to camp with your baby. 2. Getting even less sleep since that second, third or fourth baby came along? Here are some tips to get the whole family sleeping better. 3. Who’s in charge of monitoring the violent video games kids play, the… Read More »

News Round-Up February 10


What we’re reading about today: Ryan at Pacing the Panic Room confesses that he hates the playground. But his daughter’s at the age when she needs to make some friends. GeekMom Kathy got a kick out of the “Barbie Blunders” she found over at the National Museum of Play. Did anyone (besides kitsch-loving gay men)… Read More »


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