Throw Your Christmas Tree a Tree-Trimming Party


You only get to decorate the tree once a year, might as well make a party out of it For those of us who celebrate Christmas, a decked out pine or spruce looks downright magical. In addition to watching your loved ones open presents that reside under the Christmas tree, they’re also a vessel that… Read More »

Have a Royal Wedding Party


Make an event out of the Wedding of the Century So, you might have guessed that we’re kind of excited about tomorrow’s royal nuptials. We’ve already told you why we think it’s a nice idea to watch the wedding, and now that we have you convinced, we have a few suggestions as to how to… Read More »

New Year’s Eve Party Menu


Every good party needs some good food. Here are our suggestions for keeping guests happy as they ring in the new year Party food needs to be delicious, but it also needs to look great. And if you’re hosting a kid-and-parent party, it also needs to be fun. Here’s our proposed New Year’s Eve party… Read More »

7 Tips to Making a Sweet Candy Bar


Debra Novack of LOLcandy shares tips for creating an unforgettable candy bar at your next party “Candy is the only reason you want to live when you’re a kid. Ages zero through 10, candy is your life, there’s nothing else. Family, friends, school — they’re only obstacles in the way of getting more candy.” Wise… Read More »

Rock Star Party, Basic and Advanced


The birthday girl in full rock attire Ella and her friends dressed up as rock stars You know how you want your kids to share in your love of awesome tunes? Kelly and Colin’s kids Ella and Nolan love homemade iTunes playlists as much as most kids love candy. They have their own iPod in… Read More »

A Fairy Party in the Woods


Squished between all the dentist appointments and teacher conferences on our calendars are those wonderful things called “holidays.” Or sometimes they’re called “birthdays” or even “parties.” For Bunchland families, there’s always a reason to celebrate. CITY: Brockton Triangle, Toronto, Ontario OUR BUNCH: Kessa, designer of kids’ clothing line Patouche. Len, civil engineer. Elton, 5.5, dinosaur enthusiast. Jessie… Read More »

March Break Guide: Abstract Art Party


Why blow a fortune on pricey paintings when you can create masterpieces in your very own home? This family plans to make art the fun way, as in the paint-splattered-everywhere, art-classes-who-needs-’em kind of way.  We’d recommend renting the film Pollock for inspiration, except it’s not exactly wholesame family viewing. But even better, we’ve wrangled Toronto artist Thrush Holmes to offer tips… Read More »

City Round-Up: October 27, 2009


Awesome Halloween Things to Do In 6 Cities Toronto: A Halloween Day Family Cabaret Saturday, October 31st The Gladstone Hotel, 2-4 PM 1214 Queen St W A creepy  literary event for kids eight and older featuring performances inspired by “Half-Minute Horrors”, a new anthology of instant frights for young readers. Put your kids in their… Read More »

World Wild Rumpus


Everyone we know is excited about the “Where the Wild Things Are” movie, opening in theatres on Friday, October 16th. (If you grew up with Maurice Sendak’s amazing book and if you read it to your kids, you know why). People of all ages have been reconnecting with the book and getting inspired to make… Read More »

How to Start A Wild Rumpus


Where the Wild Things Are Dance Party from Rebecca Brown on Vimeo.


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