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This Sunday: Make Garden Party Tea Sandwiches and Play a Leisurely Game of DIY Lawn Croquet


Your Mother’s Day morning plan! If what mom really wants in her special day is to lounge around in bed till noon and then make grilled cheese, this is totally the day to do it. But for those who wake up with a little more spring in their step, why not put together a garden… Read More »

Bunch in The Grid: 49 Awesome Things To Do This Summer


We partnered with The Grid to come up with some ideas for parents in the city Working with The Grid TO, we came up with a list of 49 superfun activities for kids and parents in Toronto. Some of the activities are Toronto-specific, but most can be applied to any city. (Just sub in your… Read More »

Angry Birds Water Balloon Game


Wow. You need to do this. Immediately. Here at Bunch we can’t think of anything more awesome than combining water balloons and the always awesome sidewalk chalk. And just to sweeten the deal, combining them for some live action Angry Birds. It is, in fact, even better than playing Angry Birds on your phone. Believe… Read More »

Go For A Picnic


And pack up your pic-a-nic baskets With a crazy long winter and then a seemingly endless string of grey, drizzly days, it seemed like spring was taking forever to get here. (And even when we caught a glimpse of spring with a warm, sunny day, a downpour soon followed. Cue sad trombone.) Fortunately, in the… Read More »

Stealthy, Sneaky Rock Art Part 2 and a Lego Creation


If you live in the Bloor and Ossington area in Toronto, keep an eye out for these: Bunch dad Jason Cavener was inspired by this post and decided that he and his daughter should do something similar. We hope to stumble upon one or two of these during our commute to and from the office. (Hopefully… Read More »

Nerf Battle Birthday


Meet me outside, meet me outside The wisdom of the day states that kids need at least an hour of physical activity every day. When the weather’s cold, or worse, when the weather keeps shifting from warm and melty to freezing and slippery, it can be hard to find great outdoor activities. So what do… Read More »

This Sunday Morning: It’s a Fritatta Snow Fort Sort of Day


Your Sunday Morning plan: EAT: One of the best things about a frittata is that they’re a simple way of cleaning out your fridge. Just grab whatever vegetables and assorted goodies you have on hand, mix them with a little egg and you’ve got breakfast.  Need some ideas? Babbycino Kids recommends adding onions, spinach, potatoes,… Read More »

Make Some Outdoor Art – Paint the Snow


Add a little colour to all that snow Here’s a fun way to make your snowman a little extra special, maybe even delicious. Take a spray bottle, fill it up with water and add a little colour. The good people over at Ehow remind you to be careful with the spray bottles though; if you… Read More »

Shoot a Super-Soaker in Sub-Zero Temperatures


When this: Meets this: You get this: Fill a water-gun with warm water, take it outside (don’t forget the hats and mitts and all that!) and you have yourself a snow-gun. Science! Via BoingBoing Image of super-soaker by josh md, winter scene by Marc Davison via Flickr

This Sunday: Make Toast Soldiers, Examine Snowflakes


Your Sunday morning plan EAT: Ever been to Toronto’s Easy Restaurant? We’re suckers for their toast soldiers breakfast which includes two soft-boiled eggs, strips of toast, fresh fruit and a delightful surprise lurking somewhere on your plate: a toy soldier. We think this is a great breakfast or brunch to make at home. A great… Read More »

5 Favourite Sledding Videos


A collection of videos of maybe the best winter activity We love tobogganing. We love it so much, we thought of spending New Year’s Eve on a sledding hill. So much, we might have pulled a child out of his skating class trip, having forgotten his skates, and took him sledding instead. 1. We thought… Read More »


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