Jell-o: There’s Something Appealing About Jiggly Things


Cynthia Kinnunen blogs about sharing stuff from your childhood with your kids Normally, seeing things on your plate wobbling to and fro doesn’t send your pulse racing, unless it’s in fear of having to consume said wobbly food product.  However, there’s one jiggly food-type thing that I used to adore as a child and my… Read More »

Kickin’ It Old School: Taco Night


Cookie mogul Eden Hertzog shares recipes she enjoys with her family This blog, if you haven’t noticed, is called Cravings. The way I see it, there are two kinds of cooking: the food you make because you have to eat, and the food you make because you were inspired and had a craving for something. In a… Read More »

Bunch Guide to the Beatles

The Beatles For Kids


Cool ways you and your family can enjoy the Fab Four The Beatles’ timeless tunes are good for everyone, so introduce your kids to the Beatles and they’ll be hooked for life. We’ve come up with such a crazy-exhaustive list of fun things for your Beatles-loving family to enjoy, it’ll keep you busy eight days… Read More »

That’s No Moon, It’s a Space Station: Star Wars Lego Sans Star Wars Lego Kit


Cynthia Kinnunen blogs about sharing stuff from your childhood with your kids He’s not Darth Vader, but he did oversee the recent construction of the Death Star. That’s my hubby I’m talking about. Actually, he prefers to go by Obi Wan, but that’s a story for another time. Last weekend, on our way back from… Read More »

News Round-Up Oct.11: Childbirth as Art, Fertility Class Divide and the Pregnant Marathoner


What we’re reading today:   1. Everyone’s heard of Brooklyn, N.Y., performance artist Marni Kotak’s human life is the greatest work of art thing, right? 2. Speaking of pregnant ladies, a pregnant woman completed the Chicago Marathon and then gave birth a couple hours after. So you know, if your baby’s running a few days/weeks… Read More »

Jim Henson’s Fantastic World: A Traveling Exhibition


A must-see for anyone visiting New York between now and January What would you give to get a “peek into the imagination of this brilliant innovator and creator of Kermit, Big Bird, and other beloved characters”? Jim Henson’s Fantastic World has been hanging out in Atlanta, Seattle, Chicago, Washington and now it’s made its way… Read More »

What If Pee-Wee Herman Had Some New Adventures?


A (very talented) Pee-Wee fan made this: AndyTDesigns likes animation, is obviously good with animation, and likes Pee-Wee. He’d like to see the Pee-Wee Herman Show come back, so he made this intro and submitted it to BoingBoing. AndyTDesigns says, “it would be great to see a Pee Wee show based more on Pee Wee’s… Read More »

Gastronomic Nostalgia


Cynthia Kinnunen blogs about sharing stuff from your childhood with your kids When I think about time spent with my grandparents during my childhood, I remember some pretty interesting things. Things that at the time meant nothing more than the regular stuff I’d get to do or see or hear when I visited them. Playing… Read More »

5 Movies That Celebrate Summer


Our Beachy, Summery Bunchbrary Welcome to summer! It’s June 21st and all we can think about is, “How fast can we get to the beach?” Days are long and it’s a perfect time to be out swimming, grilling hamburgers and riding our bikes to the ice cream parlour. Here are five movies that deal with… Read More »

Frank Viva’s Easter Memories


A rapid-fire list of Easter memories from the mind who designed the following: We asked illustrator Frank Viva, whose first picture book we are eagerly anticipating, what he remembered from Easters past. He doesn’t even need pencil crayons or the Adobe Creative Suite to paint a vivid picture: The egg decorating kit with the wire… Read More »

News Round-Up April 12: Post-Partum Traditions Around the World, a New Van Allsburg and the Kid Who Told His Teacher His Mom Was Drunk. (She Wasn’t)


What we’re reading today: 1. Mom Carmen submitted her 6-year-old son’s school journal entry to after he wrote that she’d been drunk one weekend. She said she hadn’t even had a drink! At least the teacher’s OK with it. Via Jezebel. 2. After giving birth, did you go into quarantine? Did you wash your… Read More »

Where Are They Now: Sweet Valley Twins


Whatever happened to the Wakefield twins? If you were a girl who came of age in the 80s, you will have fallen into one of two camps: you were either a Babysitters Club fan, or a Sweet Valley Twins fan. The series was started in 1983 by Francine Pascal and resulted in 181 books. The… Read More »


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