Ice Crystal Formation on Window. How animals survive winter: when outside looks like this, how do you survive?

Buried or Frozen: How Animals Survive Winter


“Boys, I need your help.” It was a cold winter evening and I was walking the boys home from daycare. “What do you need Mami?” “I need a topic for Wild City,” I replied. As much as winter can be wonderful in the city, I was fresh out of ideas. “Why don’t you write about… Read More »

photo by Courtney Hintermeye

Just Breathe At The Riverdale Ponds


How often do you think about your breathing? How about your child’s breathing? This fall my youngest son Lucas, who is not yet three, caught a virus that triggered an asthma attack. This had never happened before – suddenly I was thinking a lot about breathing. We took him to the emergency room. When we… Read More »


Outdoor Classrooms Benefit Everyone


I had the good fortune to read Andrea Gordon’s excellent article in the Star this summer on the miraculous effects that an outdoor classroom has been having on the students of Blaydon Public School. I then watched the video that accompanied the article with tears running down my cheeks, so inspired by the way that… Read More »

Just me and my bike.

Miracle on Leslie Street: Escape to ‘The Spit’


Do you ever feel like you need a mental health break? Like you might explode if someone asks you for one more thing the minute your butt hits a chair or the minute you raise a forkful of food to your mouth? When I feel this way, I sometimes have the luxury of escaping by… Read More »

Earth Day documentary for kids

5 Earth Day Documentaries For Eco-Conscious Kids


5 cool documentaries about the planet for kids. Great documentaries educate us and sometimes even inspire us to take action. Here are five docs for your little eco-warriors: 1. Arctic Tale (2007) This National Geographic film follows a polar bear cub and a walrus pup as they grow into powerful adults, all the while showing… Read More »

News Round-Up March 1: Boarding Schools, Push Presents and Babies Making Coffee


What we’re reading today: 1. What’s the first thing the wicked stepmother-to-be tells the adorable children as soon as their dad is out of earshot? Off to boarding school with you lot! But how young is too young to ship kids off? 2. Does children’s lit lack a relationship with nature? 3. A new report… Read More »

This Sunday: Oatmeal Sundaes and Autumn Leaf Pressing


Your Sunday Morning Plan It’s still warm enough to play outside without freezing your face off, and just cool enough to crave something comforting and toasty. The perfect November Sunday morning consists of pressing fall leaves after enjoying an oatmeal sundae bar, we say! Eat: Kids can make their own masterpiece with this fun and… Read More »

News Round-Up August 29: Babies From Hurricanes, Bad Mothering and Beyonce’s Big News


What we’re reading today:   1. Bey and Jay-Z are having a baby. We expect no less than baby musical genius. 2. A link between natural (and not-so-natural) disasters and making babies? 3. Two brats tried to sue their mom for “bad mothering.” They were represented by their attorney father and claimed their mom sent… Read More »

5 Tips for Photographing Urban Wildlife


Toronto photographer Robert Rafton offers a how-to for photographing city-dwelling birds and animals Growing up in Toronto, I never paid any attention to wildlife. If you’d asked me, I would have said there’s nothing to see anyhow! But when I bought my first real telephoto lens and actually started looking, I found there are all… Read More »

Amelie Grows Butterflies By Her Bedside


Bunchland likes to give props to families who love helping the planet and getting down and dirty with nature. The ones who really knock our organic, pesticide-free cotton socks off get our coveted Gosh Darn Green! Award. CITY: Parkdale, Toronto, Ontario OUR BUNCH: Nici, 27, Applied Behavior Analyist Instructor therapist. Geordie (Amelie’s dad), 28, TA… Read More »


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