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News Round-Up March 13: Older Parents Advise When to Have Kids, Michele Bachmann on Government and Birth Control and Fixing Public School


What we’re reading today: 1. Any parents/step-parents navigating the whole blended family thing? Rebecca Eckler talks about raising her daughter with her fiance, his two daughters, while expecting a new half-sibling for these three girls. 2. For all those following the gong show that is the GOP primaries, do you miss Bachmann a little? Apparently… Read More »

News Round-Up Dec. 9: Dreaded Family Visits, Advice From Jezebel and Using Kids in Politics


What we’re reading today: 1. Is TV too pro-baby? 2. Some people find large family gatherings that happen around the holidays crazy stressful. Here’s some advice for someone who dreads them. 3. Cute: A dad writes into Jezebel asking for book suggestions for his 13-year-old daughter. 4. So yeah, that kid who told Michele Bachmann… Read More »

News Round-Up Dec. 7: Babies On Planes, Why Toddlers Throw Tantrums and Elijah Vs. Michele Bachmann


What we’re reading today: 1. How to take a baby on a plane OR what one mom learned from the internet about how she’d be regarded should she ever dare to bring her baby on a plane. 2. Understanding tantrums: They’re either angry or sad and you want it make it end as soon as… Read More »


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