Bob Geldof Dislikes Peaches’ Son’s Name, a Vegan Book for Kids and Secrets to a Long, Happy Marriage


What the cool parents are reading today: 1. Want your kid to step in line? Try public shaming! Wait, maybe not. No, definitely do not change your kid’s cover photo on Facebook to some PSA about how she misbehaved and wasn’t allowed on Facebook for a while. 2. Or maybe presumptive, judgmental, racist people are… Read More »

Ann Romney and Stay-At-Home-Moms, What French Parents Get Right and Maya Rudolph’s Impressions


What we’re reading today: 1. The kid as parenting guru. It makes sense if you think about taking cues from your kid as to what they need. 2. That Hilary Rosen-Ann Romney thing: It’s a war on stay-at-home-moms and according to Jezebel, has ignited a rich lady shit storm. 3. Back to Bringing Up Bébé.… Read More »

Marriage II Society


Megan Pettit shares stories from a new mom Each marriage is a tiny society with its own rules, laws and regulations. Something that’s enjoyed by one couple might be punishable by death (or castration) in another relationship. There are minor offenses and crimes that can tear societies apart. Adding children means more rules and regulations… Read More »

News Round-Up May 31: Dad Witnesses Birth of Baby Via Skype, Socialist Kids and Is Parenthood Bad for Marriage?


What we’re reading today: 1. Kids don’t really need Gatorade, unless it’s really hot and they’re running around a lot. 2. One San Francisco mom was a little scared away by “mommy makeovers” being promoted in her otherwise helpful new mom newsletters, what with the multiple plastic surgery procedures you get all in one go,… Read More »

Divorce Porn Saves Marriages


If you think that all the high-profile celebrity divorces of the past few years is a bleak sign of our times, think again. The divorce rate among pop culture and political icons may be driving to an all-time high, but us plebs are enjoying the lowest divorce rate in 30 years. Ironically enough, it may… Read More »


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