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Jane Lynch Helping the Republicans, Music Classes for 6-Month-Olds and Multi-Tasking Moms


What the cool parents are reading today: 1. Remember that mom who was sent to jail for putting down her father’s address instead of her own so that she could get her daughters into a better school? Kelley Williams-Bolar is half-way through her sentence and giving a lot of speeches. 2. Does your baby need… Read More »

Really North Carolina? Arresting a Lesbian for Peacefully Protesting the Gay Marriage Ban? Come On!


North Carolina arrests people who are displeased with the gay marriage ban You may recall last week that North Carolina cemented its place as one of the more backwards states by banning same-sex marriage. Not surprisingly, a few same-sex couples in Winston-Salem, N.C. went to the city’s Registry of Deeds to protest the ban because… Read More »

Gay Parents on News of President Obama’s Support for Marriage Equality


We asked some of our favourite LGBTQ parents what they thought about Obama’s statement Dana Rudolph, a.k.a. Mombian President Obama, by stating that he supports my family’s right to equality, has given me hope that my son may grow up in a country where he is not disadvantaged because of anti-gay laws and attitudes. We’re still… Read More »

News Round-Up Marriage Equality Edition: Riling Up the Right, Queer Identities in India and


What the cool parents are reading today: 1. U.S. President Obama came out in favour of marriage equality yesterday saying that same-sex couples have the right to get married. So what does this mean for Americans on the right side of the political spectrum? Is it going to “rile up the right”? Yeah, probably. 2.… Read More »

“It Could Happen To You” Video Makes A Heartbreaking Case for Marriage Equality


Being rendered legally insignificant makes losing a loved one impossibly hard This video shows the story of Shane Bitney Crone and Tom Bridegroom, a young California couple who started a business together, shared a mortgage and enjoyed a loving relationship. Despite these solid foundations, this tale takes a heart-wrenching turn for the worst. Shane’s family was… Read More »

Living Our Quintessentially Gay Lesbian Mom Lifestyle


I found a new queer parenting column on Chicago’s LGBT news site, the Windy City Media Group by Roi Ann Phillips, a self-identified suburban, lesbian soccer mom, who debuted her column with the following question: “What about our life is quintessentially gay?” she writes, hitting home with: “I haven’t been an active part of the… Read More »

Alicia Silverstone’s Baby Bird Feeding, Modern Motherhood as Anti-Feminist and Letting Strangers Pat Your Pregnant Belly


What we’re reading today: 1. Alicia Silverstone knows that many of us don’t agree with her mama bird-baby bird feeding technique and she doesn’t care. “People have been feeding their kids that way for thousands for years. It’s a weaning process,” Silverstone told the audience at a Clueless Q&A. Firstly, there was a Cluessless Q&A… Read More »

Mostly Hilarious Queer Parenting News Round-Up: Lower Divorce Rates, Gay Wedding in Archie Comics, Elton’s Johns Parenting Concerns and Beyonce’s Nursing Habits


It could be my twisted sense of humour, but sometimes the news is just, funny. Here is my round-up of queerly-themed parenting stories that I found both newsworthy and laugh-worthy this week. 1. Turns out, same sex marriages aren’t a threat to the whole institution after all According to a website run by journalism graduate… Read More »

News Round-Up March 2: Marriage Equality in Maryland, Anger Over Loot bags and Two-Year-Old Vocabulary


What we’re reading today: 1. Maryland joins Team Marriage Equality! And no roadblocks here, unlike New Jersey, Gov. Martin O’Malley signed that bill! 2. Score one for the lactivists: People caught harassing nursing moms in Georgia could face a $1, 000 fine. 3. Are loot bags over the top? What’s fair and what’s too much?… Read More »

News Round-Up Feb. 17: More Interracial Marriages, Arsenic in Baby Formula and No Tenure for Moms in Math and Science


What we’re reading today: 1. Very important news for all moms unable to breastfeed: Your baby formula might have arsenic in it. Stay away from products sweetened with brown rice syrup! 2. More Americans are saying that interracial marriage is a good thing. As people who live in the most ethnically diverse city in the… Read More »

News Round-Up Feb. 8 — Marriage Equality and Family Values Edition: Ellen, JC Penney, Opponents and Teaching Tolerance Early On


What LGBT parenting news we’re reading today: 1. Of all the opponents to marriage equality, Maggie Gallagher “has done more than any American to stop same-sex marriage,” and all because she got pregnant while she was still in college? 2. What do you get when you cross a Maggie Gallagher with Veruca Salt? A 14-year-old… Read More »

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