Killer Codeine, Perceived Overweight Meanies and How Much Weight Should You Gain During Pregnancy?


What we’re reading today: 1. Know that super pregnant celebrity who’s been pretty heavily criticized for gaining a substantial amount of weight during her pregnancy? Is that normal and she’s just being criticized because it’s an atypical celebrity pregnancy, or should women not put on that much weight? 2. Speaking of weight perceptions, preschoolers think… Read More »

You Are Getting Very Sleepy: How to Incorporate 3D Storytelling into a Baby Bedtime Ritual


Carly Stasko investigates the quandaries of new parents FROM ROUTINES TO RITUALS: Having a consistent and fun bedtime ritual for your baby keeps everyone happy. It gives your little one important cues to help them transition from a busy day to a restful night. It’s a chance to wind down, to reconnect, to imagine, and… Read More »

Literacy in the Inner City: 826 Seattle’s Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co.


Walking past the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. in Seattle, you might see silver-clad mannequins or get a chance to observe someone being tested in a “Space Competency Certification Station”. If you decide to enter, you’ll be transported into another reality altogether. The walls are lined with scientific equipment from another era, an emergency spaceship… Read More »

Literacy in the Inner City: 826NYC’s Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.


Since 826 National‘s storefronts are really a cover for their secret identities as not-so-mild-mannered tutoring centres, it seems appropriate that one of them should really run with that theme, and run they do. Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. is your one-stop-shop for everything a superhero needs. From grappling hooks to antimatter, from secret identity kits to invisibility… Read More »

Literacy in the Inner City: Dave Eggers TED Prize Acceptance Speech


Dave Eggers, who brought us the awe-inspiring organization, 826 National, was awarded a 2008 TED prize for his literacy building work. In this acceptance speech, he talks about what led to the conception of 826 Valencia, similar projects all over the world, and asks the community to join him in supporting public schooling. Previously on… Read More »

Literacy in the Inner City: 826michigan’s Liberty Street Robot Supply and Repair


Robofontaine 12,000 is trying to grow a moustache. The 12,000 series Robofontaine is one of the robots who oversees the Ann Arbor chapter of 826 National: Liberty Street Robot Supply and Repair and he’s joined forces with the Saline fire department and men across the state (many of whom are named Michael) to raise funds… Read More »

Literacy in the Inner City: Chicago’s The Boring Store


On Wednesday, we told you about 826 National’s spectacular literacy centres.  Today we take you to Valencia Park, Chicago, and into The Boring Store.

One Page Wonders

by and Idiots’ Books have created a fabulous and fun resource at their One Page Wonders story site. Merely print the free PDFs, cut, fold and enjoy! It’s amazing how many different stories you can tell with eight phrases. When you’re done with the pre-prepared stories (there’s a new one each week), why not create… Read More »

Literacy in the Inner City: 826 National


Bunch sends props to the innovative and inspiring non-profit organization, 826 National, which operates what have to be the seven coolest literacy centres this side of the Atlantic. Over the next couple weeks, Bunch will give you a peek inside each of 826 National’s fabulous locations. Read on for more information about the organization as… Read More »


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