Boy in the Lego Aisle, photo by Sean Dreilinger. Illustration for Mita Williams' Why I Hate Educational Toys.

I Hate Educational Toys


My son just turned 8 and buying his gift this year proved to be a challenge. Looking back, though, I have to admit it was a largely self-imposed challenge. It all started when my husband and I started talking about what birthday present we should get him. I reminded my husband that we should try… Read More »

swoop bag: Lego storage by SWOOP -

Swoop’s Design Genius: Lego Made Non-Crazy-Making


How did I raise a child — she’s a Lego fanatic, even — without knowing the Swoop bag existed? How did we do things before the internet showed us that there’s always a better way? I don’t even know. It looks like just a storage bag for Lego, right? Just watch.   Total game-changer. source: Swiss… Read More »

LEGO (Actually) Apologizes For Sexist Sticker


In an update to the story we brought you last week about the sexist Lego sticker, we are happy to report that the company has properly apologized for its depiction of a construction worker engaging in street harassment. Josh Stearns, the journalist and a father of two who originally stirred things up by posting a picture of the… Read More »

LEGO Construction Worker Sticker is Sexist


LEGO is hot water over sexism again and this time it’s due to a box of LEGO-themed construction stickers, which include a sticker of a worker in sunglasses with a caption that reads — wait for it: “Hey Babe!”  Journalist Josh Stearn posted a picture of the box on his Tumblr after he found the toy at his local store.… Read More »

kids rooms that will blow your mind. Like this one, with a climbing wall

Why Your Kids Think Their Room Sucks


Whatever you do, don’t let your progeny see the pictures of these awesome kids rooms  – they’ll never be able to look at their own room the same way. In fact, neither will you. We came across these kids rooms on a BuzzFeed post and we’re a little depressed now. Indoor treehouse Think a treehouse is impressive? How about one that’s… Read More »

Chanel Lego Clutch


youtube to mp3

youtube to mp3

Hermés Birkin lego bag


Can’t afford the real thing?                   Made from all new black lego pieces, this tribute to the Hermés Birkin bag sells for $142 on Etsy. Dubbed as “fully functional” and “designed for everyday use”, we think the bag is a good deal – considering the original can cost over… Read More »

Momedy, Sex-Revealing Baby Cakes and the Two Questions All Parents Should Ask Themselves


What the cool parents are reading today: 1. Momedy, or comedy for moms, is hard to define. But STFU Parents knows it when she sees it. 2. All parents of young kids should ask themselves, “Is my child more shy or anxious than other kids their age?” and “Is my kid more worried than other… Read More »

Lego Will Fix Lego for Girls, Going to Great Lengths for a Natural Pregnancy and Flipping Off Your Dad


What the cool parents are reading today: 1. All your helmets and guard rails are paying off: the Centre for Disease Control released a report saying that child accident deaths are way down. 2. Lego admits that Lego for girls was poorly thought out. A girls’ advocacy group, SPARK, sat down with Lego to discuss… Read More »

Bronies & Gendered Toys, Gay Marriage and the Occupy Movement in Archie Comics and Family-Only Flights


What the cool parents are reading today: 1. Remember when the One Million Moms-types got all upset about gay marriage in the Archie comics? Now Archie and pals are stirring up more controversy with Occupy Riverdale. We so need to pick up some comics. 2. Do you have a favourite parenting philosophy, or do you… Read More »

That’s No Moon, It’s a Space Station: Star Wars Lego Sans Star Wars Lego Kit


Cynthia Kinnunen blogs about sharing stuff from your childhood with your kids He’s not Darth Vader, but he did oversee the recent construction of the Death Star. That’s my hubby I’m talking about. Actually, he prefers to go by Obi Wan, but that’s a story for another time. Last weekend, on our way back from… Read More »

News Round-Up Feb. 3: Marriage Equality for Washington, Kindergarten Engagement and Things Kids Stick Up Their Noses


What we’re reading today: 1. Toronto Star columnist Catherine Porter’s kid stuck a Lego up his nose. Twice. And so they made a trip to the hospital while Porter asks the experts about all the other things that kids put up their noses and in their ears. 2. Kids of queer parents in Washington State… Read More »


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