CAT SCHOOL in Germany raises the bar for design

Cat School Wins For Cuteness


A preschool in Germany has caught our attention with its adorable and highly functional design. Kindergarten Wolfartsweier is a cat school, or rather, it’s a school shaped like a cat. The eyes make for large windows that fill the play room with sunlight. The cat’s back is a fuzzy green roof and its tail is… Read More »

Reality Bites Comes of Age as the Reality of School-Aged Kids Hits and EGALE Has a Survey for Queer Parents


When I interviewed queer parenting expert Rachel Epstein, the coordinator of the LGBTQ Parenting Network at the Sherbourne Health Centre last summer, she told me what I had always suspected. “We don’t usually hear about problems at daycare,” Epstein said. It’s good news, and despite us being the only queer family at our day care… Read More »

News Round-Up Feb. 3: Marriage Equality for Washington, Kindergarten Engagement and Things Kids Stick Up Their Noses


What we’re reading today: 1. Toronto Star columnist Catherine Porter’s kid stuck a Lego up his nose. Twice. And so they made a trip to the hospital while Porter asks the experts about all the other things that kids put up their noses and in their ears. 2. Kids of queer parents in Washington State… Read More »

News Round-Up Jan. 31: Attentive Kindergartners, Solving Bedwetting and Does Using Fertility Treatments Make You Selfish?


What we’re reading today: 1. One mom asks if having fertility treatments makes her selfish. We’re wondering when strangers are going to stop asking moms of twins if they’re natural. 2. Does consuming too much media make tween girls unhappy? We think Rob Gordon once posed this question. 3. A study has found that attentive kindergartners… Read More »

WTF: It’s Time to Think About Kindergarten 2.0


Meri Perra blogs about the challenges she and her partner face in trying to raise their girls with feminist values It could be that pigs have started to fly, or stranger still, I’m going to vote to for whichever government is in power next election, which has totally never happened. Because the strangest thing just… Read More »


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