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Dictating Lactation, Non-Orchestrated Family Portraits, and the New Harry Potter Reading Club


What the cool parents are reading about today: 1. Remember Furbies? They’re back, and they’re predicted to be the top toy this Christmas. Instead of the fluttering eyes and a chomping beak, interactivity will be kicked up a knotch with LCD screens for eyes and an accompanying app. Don’t you love when slightly creepy toys get… Read More »

Mean Moms Raise Good Kids, a Skydiving Toddler and What Could Be More Awesome Than a Monkey Wearing a Tuxedo Made of Bacon?


What we’re reading today: 1. Mom Denise Schipani says being a mean mom makes for good kids. We’re just going to assume that Denise doesn’t go to Vogue writer lengths. We get it in terms of making them do stuff that’s good for them and presumably there’s some teaching of delayed gratification. Why she sounds… Read More »

News Round-Up March 14: Parents Raising Lazy Kids, Threatening Moms and Girl Scouts Want Your Girl in Science… If She Wants


What we’re reading today: 1. According to UCLA Anthropologists, Americans parents are raising their kids to be lazy and spoiled out of guilt. 2. Going out to dinner with your kids? Here are 12 tips that will save you some aggravation. 3. Bless those Girl Scouts! They’re celebrating their 100th anniversary this week and encouraging… Read More »

Where Does the Inspiration for Winnie the Pooh, Harry Potter, Wild Things, Narnia and the Cat in the Hat Come From?


Flavorwire takes a look at some classics children’s tales Are we ever glad Maurice Sendak couldn’t really draw horses! We knew the Winnie-the-Pooh inspiration from the intro to the old (old) Pooh videos we used to own, as well as the Cat in the Hat thing from previous Seuss-related Bunch research. London kids being shuttled… Read More »

Etsy Gift Round Up Part 2


Another batch of Etsy treasures, where one of a kind holiday gift options abound. If you missed it, check out our Etsy Round Up Part 1 and get inspired about finding some amazing Christmas presents from your couch. The hits just keep coming! For the under 3 crowd: Teething Toy Moustache If you got a… Read More »

News Round-Up Nov. 2: The Brother-Sister Bond, Low Vaccination Rates and J.K. Rowlings Plans for Ron Weasley


What we’re reading today: 1. There’s a school in California’s Bay Area with a 23 percent vaccination rate. Less than a quarter of the kids at the Waldorf School are vaccinated against measles, mumps and rubella and they could be putting kids with compromised immune systems at serious risk. 2. Did you see Neil Patrick… Read More »

News Round-Up September 9: Parents Can Soothe Preemies By Holding Them, Kate Winslet’s Son OK If He’s Gay and Lying To Your Kids


What we’re reading today: 1. Stop lying to your kids! If they’re not doing great at something, don’t tell them they are. 2. Kate Winslet’s son, age 7, knows it’s OK if he grows up to be gay. 3. Preemies who need blood drawn show less pain when they’re being held by mom or dad,… Read More »

Family Roadtrip Update #3: Universal Studios Has Universal Appeal For Our Family (Especially the Harry Potter Part)


Cynthia Kinnunen and her family drove from Toronto to Orlando I know, I know, everyone always talks “Disney” when they head down to Orlando with kids. And don’t get me wrong: Disney is a wonderful magical adventure, particularly for the littlest in the family. But on this last excursion to Orlando (and don’t think we… Read More »

7 Fierce Female Characters


How do you like your girl power? Debuting on the newspaper comic strip circuit in 1941, crime-fighting, catsuit-wearing Miss Fury has the honour of being the first female superhero. She was followed by Wonder Woman six months later, and since then, superheroines from Catwoman to Aquagirl have made their marks in the world of comics… Read More »

News Round-Up July 26: Healthier Happy Meals, A Serious Hero Dad and Pregnancy Superstitions


What we’re reading today:   1. McDonald’s has bowed to pressure from children’s advocacy groups and is changing the contents of their Happy Meals. They’re not eliminating french fries, but will be offering less than half as many fries as they do now, and will include some sort of fruit or vegetable option. (Your kid… Read More »

Star Wars Katie Can Also Get Down With the Hogwarts Crew


But she’ll have to wait a few years before she enjoys the scarier ones Last week we asked some parents whether they thought Harry Potter is for their kids’ generation as Star Wars was for theirs. But as GeekDad Ken Denmead pointed out, Star Wars is more popular than ever with young kids discovering the… Read More »

Is Harry Potter the Quintessential Story for Kids Today?


Out latest Bunch Poll in the National Post Most people of a certain age recognize the “Imperial Death March” after about the first three notes, but can those same people explain what the spell “Expecto Patronum” means? There are some sagas that, perhaps because they’re stretched out over the course of a few years, so… Read More »


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