News Round-Up Wednesday, January 12


What we’re reading on the blogs today: As always, BoingBoing has found us something we want: monster footprint snow shoes. Slow Mo Mama simply drew monster-y footprints on some study cardboard, cut them out and laced string through four holes in the footprint shape to tie it to a boot. Via BoingBoing. Facebook friend Amanda… Read More »

The Best Christmas Gift You Ever Got


Your favourite Christmas gift memories Previously, we got all of you Bunchlanders to reveal stories of gift fails: those horrible, awful, what-were-they-thinking presents you received as kids that were totally age-inappropriate, really boring or just plain weird. Tales of gigantic underpants, tampons and Don Ho records abounded. In an effort to end the year on… Read More »

5 Tips for Running a Successful Bake Sale for Charity


Susana Molinolo shares tips on producing a bake sale that makes lots of dough for your favourite charity 1. Have a variety of products for sale. In order to give a bake sale zing, ensure that you will have, at minimum, baked goods donations from at least 30 bakers. Also, see if you can get… Read More »

We Love: Monday, November 29


Here’s what we’re reading today: Want to give to the Salvation Army’s iconic Red Kettle but you had no cash on hand? There’s an app for that. Mashable, your source for all things social media, has rounded up five creative social good campaigns. The Choose Haiti bracelets look pretty neat. The Hipster Mom feels the… Read More »


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