News Round-Up Dec. 23: Miracle Tsunami Survivor, Bad Presents and Shifting Childhood Memories


What we’re reading today: 1. What to do if your in-laws try to change your time-honoured holiday traditions. 2. Ever had a bad gift? While we feel we’ve been pretty lucky on that front, we do know some people who just can’t give presents right. Well know you can air your gift-grievances on Of… Read More »

Etsy Gift Round Up Part 2


Another batch of Etsy treasures, where one of a kind holiday gift options abound. If you missed it, check out our Etsy Round Up Part 1 and get inspired about finding some amazing Christmas presents from your couch. The hits just keep coming! For the under 3 crowd: Teething Toy Moustache If you got a… Read More »

5 Cool DIY Gifts You Can Make in Your Kitchen, and Your Kids Can Help


Break out the craft supplies and personalize your presents this year! Making gifts can be fun and easy and it looks way more thoughtful than buying a random candle present. Plus, it’s always priceless seeing the kids’ faces beam with pride when they deliver something homemade. Here are 5 totally doable and kid-help friendly DIY… Read More »

The Village Brings the Party


Rose Bianchini is pregnant with twins Before Hillary Clinton said it, there was an African proverb that it takes a village to raise a child. I definitely believe to be a happy functional family that one needs a community around them. I was reminded again of the importance of this when we recently had our… Read More »

Teacher Appreciation: Your Favourite Gifts and an Etsy Round-Up


The end of the school year is quickly approaching. What’cha gonna do? It’s safe to say that here at Bunch, we love teachers. We really, really love them. We also know sometimes they have some tough stuff to deal with, like 28 5-year-olds running around and pinching each other, so at the end of the… Read More »

Father’s Day Craft: Make a Bowl From An Old Record


This rock’n roll idea is way cool This craft comes to us from and DIYFashion and is a great idea for dads who are into music. It also happens to be incredibly easy, quick, and cheap.  Once it’s finished, your vinyl bowl can be used to hold all kinds of stuff, from candy to the… Read More »

5 Non-Candy Easter Egg Options


Because not every egg needs to be a creme egg You may have one of those kids who doesn’t like chocolate, or you may just want to limit the amount of egg and bunny-shaped sugary treats they’re receiving this year. Either way, here are five Easter treats that lack both chocolate and high fructose corn… Read More »

7 Weird and Wacky Passover Plague Gifts


Some ideas for making plagues fun! What do you do when you’re Yahweh and the Egyptian Pharaoh won’t let the Israelite slaves go? Obviously, you send out a plague or 10 to show Pharaoh you mean business. How then do we teach the young ones about what went down between Moses and the Israelites and… Read More »

Why No, My Feminist Partner and I Did Not Buy the Pink Dollhouse for our Girls


Introducing a new weekly blog from Meri Perra, a talented journalist interested in social justice issues.  Meri writes about the challenges she and her partner face in trying to raise their girls with feminist values. I’m not the first feminist-turned-mother to talk about this. And absolutely for sure, I will not be the last. But… Read More »

The Best Christmas Gift You Ever Got


Your favourite Christmas gift memories Previously, we got all of you Bunchlanders to reveal stories of gift fails: those horrible, awful, what-were-they-thinking presents you received as kids that were totally age-inappropriate, really boring or just plain weird. Tales of gigantic underpants, tampons and Don Ho records abounded. In an effort to end the year on… Read More »

diy wrapping paper and cards: potato stamp for christmas tree card

How to Make DIY Wrapping Paper and Cards


Make great looking gifts from recycled materials and things you find around the house. Wrapping Paper For the paper itself, use old newspapers, tissue paper (from your recent purchases perhaps)  or blue prints. You can acquire old blue prints by calling up a local contractor. Pro tip: Make sure you use the Arts & Life… Read More »

A Night at the Museum and 5 Other Great Experience Gifts


This holiday season, give your kid something that can’t fit in a box Before you hit the malls this weekend to contend with a shortage of parking spots, crowds of grumpy shoppers and crazy prices for this season’s must-have toy, consider that maybe your kids don’t need another toy this year. Maybe what they could… Read More »


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