Cakewalk Bans, More Reasons To See Disney-Pixar’s Brave, and How You Can Stick It To One Million Moms


What the cool parents are reading today: 1. In her blog post for the Huffington Post, Alanis Morissette explains why she’s an attachment parent: “If a child’s needs during this stage of development are not met, he or she will be staving off a haunting sense of cellular disconnection and loneliness for a lifetime.” Make sense to you? 2. We… Read More »

Future Engineers, Boys Vs. Girls Blog Feuds, and A Critical Perspective On Kids Books


What the cool parents are reading today: 1. Jezebel accused Wired magazine of alienating women with their June cover, which shows a dad with a robot costume-clad kid, and “How to be a Geek Dad” in big font. Do you find the cover alienating? 2. A study on students’ book choices takes a critical look at the top 40… Read More »

Scan Your Kid’s Art and Make a Digital Gallery of Their Work


Keep all the drawings without all the clutter with a digital gallery GeekDad Nathan Barry wouldn’t never dream of discouraging his daughter’s creativity, but their home does seem to acquire an awful lot of her drawings and sculptures. How do you keep all these precious creations without building an addition onto your house just so… Read More »

Teaching Kids to Navigate the Internet Is Just Part of Parenting, Says Alyson Schafer


Our parenting expert tells you what you need to know There were some great discussions at our Social Media Week panel that featured Alyson Schafer, teacher Royan Lee and blogger Brad Moon. Our panelists didn’t always agree on everything, but brought different experiences with teaching kids how to work in the digital space. Schafer thinks… Read More »

Top Tweets from The Social Family Goes Mobile Panel


Here’s what you might have missed Yesterday, we hosted a Social Media Week panel that was a bit of a continuation of last year’s Social Family discussion. Specifically, we were interested in talking about how within 12 short months, our families’ relationships with social media, especially on mobile platforms, has changed so drastically. We invited… Read More »

Star Wars Katie Can Also Get Down With the Hogwarts Crew


But she’ll have to wait a few years before she enjoys the scarier ones Last week we asked some parents whether they thought Harry Potter is for their kids’ generation as Star Wars was for theirs. But as GeekDad Ken Denmead pointed out, Star Wars is more popular than ever with young kids discovering the… Read More »

News Round-Up June 30: Proud Parents, Nerdy Kids and Telling Little Girls How Pretty They Are


What we’re reading today: 1. If we tell little girls they’re pretty, will they start to think that their appearance is the most important thing? 2. Should you raise your kids to be nerdy? CNN’s LZ Granderson says society places too much importance on athletics and people are taught to look down on the smart… Read More »

News Round-Up June 3: More Single Dads, Angelina Jolie Lacks Faith in School System and the Worst Babysitter Ever


What we’re reading today: 1. Read this and you’ll never leave your kids with a babysitter ever again. (Don’t worry, it’s fiction) 2. The Jolie-Pitt kids are too good for the school system. Angelina Jolie says the schools are”incapable” of educating her kids, so they get tutors and nannies and adventures and stuff. 3. There… Read More »

News Round-Up March 11: Geeky Parents, Why Bedtime Stories are Important and Great Vegetable Recipes


What we’re reading today: 1. Hooray for vegetables! Encourage your kids’ (and/or partner’s) love of vegetables with these six excellent sounding recipes starring Brussels sprouts, okra and squash. (On Slate) 2. You know you’re a GeekDad when… 3. One Babble blogger is moving away from time-outs and is trying other ways to discipline her kids.… Read More »

Dads Pen Love Letters for Valentine’s Day


We love love letters   Ever written a love letter to your sweet? We asked some culturatti dads what makes their partners special. Here’s what we got: Benjamin Errett – Features Managing Editor at the National Post and author of Jew and Improved. Tod Abrams – Runs a promotions and publicity firm in Hollywood and… Read More »

Love Letters: GeekDad’s Jonathan Liu


Seriously, what’s sweeter than a dad expressing love for his family? Because we were so thrilled with the love letters we got last Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, we’ve once again asked some culturatti dads to chime in on what makes their partners great. We’re big GeekDad fans. These dads (and now moms) are all… Read More »

News Round-Up February 11


What we’re reading today: Sarah Buttenwieser at the Huffington Post says she “inhaled” Peggy Orenstein’s book, Cinderella Ate My Daughter. So Buttenwieser wanted to weigh in on raising her kids without gender stereotypes. While her first son eschewed sports for ballet, her daughter plays with diplo blocks while wearing her tutu. Should you be worried… Read More »


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