Babies On Lemons


Who knew there was an adorable infant version of  the ‘faces of meth’? Filling what was undoubtedly a void in popular culture, photographers April Maciborka and David Wile teamed up with a novel concept: take pictures while babies try lemons for the first time. Here are the best of the worst faces these kids have ever made: To… Read More »

A Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Container advertises a flavor called "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish"

Ice Cream For The Literary Set


In case you decided to check the internet on this holiday Monday (and you did, didn’t you?) here is a fun assortment of fictional Ice Cream Flavours based on great, mediocre or at the very least published works of fiction. These Ben and Jerry’s inspired flavours come care of Brett Cohen and the fine folks at… Read More »

Don’t Bite the Hand That Looks Dirty and Other Kid-Finished Proverbs


Kids say the most logical things! A grade one teacher passes out half proverbs and has her students finish them. A collection of her greatest hits over the years was collected over at Berkeley Parents Network. Here are some of our favourites: Where There’s Smoke, There’s…….. Pollution. A Penny Saved Is…….. Not Much. Two’s Company,… Read More »

News Round-Up Jan. 12: Dr. Spock’s Revised Edition, Tina Fey’s Awkward Explanation and Baby Names Inspired by the U.S. Civil War


What we’re reading today: 1. Oh Tina Fey. We feel you. Fey was watching 30 Rock with 6-year-old daughter Alice when there was a reference to an erection under someone’s clothes. Alice asked what an erection was and Fey picked the most innocuous explanation she could. “An erection is a building.” But Alice knew that… Read More »

News Round-Up August 23: Letters From Camp, A Mom’s Experience With Aspergers and Muppets. Muppets!


What we’re reading today: 1. What do you do when you write for a national magazine and your son sends you a letter from camp describing in detail the latrine conditions? If you’re Scott Feschuk, you publish it. 2. Tangled sequel! Out next spring! Well, they’re calling it a “mini sequel” as it’ll be a… Read More »

Christmas Pranks


Pranks are a treasured family holiday tradition Sometimes the family Christmas prank is…indescribable. There’s something about the holidays that makes us act a little silly. Maybe it’s because we finally get to release all the stress that has been building up, loosen our ties (and belts) and just kick back for a few days. The… Read More »

Yogi Bear


Parent-kid movie critic teams review the latest flicks Scroll down to see the movie review after the trailer! Kelly and her family review Yogi Bear. Want to be considered to film your own Big Thumb Little Thumb and take your kid to a fancy media screening of an upcoming movie?  Email meghan@bunchfamily.

The Worst Gifts You Got As Kids


Funny stories of holiday gifts gone wrong This is the only “Christmas gift prank” video we could find that wasn’t completely mean. We all have at least one: a horror story about a holiday gift you got that was just so, so wrong. Maybe it was completely age-inappropriate, maybe it was something you’d be embarrassed… Read More »

Your Nerdiest First Day of School Outfits


Your most embarrassing school outfits are back to haunt you Looking back, most of us can lay claim to some horrible first-day-of-school outfits. We at Bunchland are no exception. Bicycle shorts with the neon stripe, magenta high-tops, flowered legging (which are kind of back in now, or something), scrunchies, oversized Roots sweatshirts: the outfits we… Read More »


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