Sex And Social Media


Every few years sees a fresh burst of panic about kids gone wild, dangerous sexcapades, “blow jobs are the new kissing”, followed by a hue and cry that our teens will never know true intimacy and social media is to blame. This begs the un-sexy question of what we’re doing about it beyond moralizing. Other… Read More »

Facebook Parenting


So I’ve been having this thought for a while. Mothers are, frankly speaking, pretty mean to other mothers. Social networks make it more apparent. It stems from that whole “women are so mean to other women” phenomenon, but this is where it hits hard and hits home: Motherhood. Yesterday on Facebook (of course) a friend… Read More »

Most Parents Join Facebook To Spy on Their Kids

Most Parents Join Facebook To Spy On Kids


photo: Walt Stoneburner If you have young children, there’s a good chance you’ve been on Facebook since before they were even born. But, it turns out, parents of Facebook-ready kids usually join the social networking site to keep track of their children. Which leaves us to wonder, when our kids are ready, will they join Facebook… Read More »

Grillmaster Kids, Scary Toy Boxes, and Angelina Jolie Declares Parenting Easy


What the cool parents are readying today: 1. Greenpeace Taiwan found that 9 out of 12 kids toys contain endocrine disrupting chemicals – and dangerous amounts, at that. Beach balls, plastic animals, inflatable pools and kids raincoats sold in Taiwan were tested. Does this make you fear the toy box in your house? 2. Angelina Jolie: “raising 6 kids is… Read More »

teaching tech in britain

Teaching Tech and Information Systems in Britain


Britain has an opportunity to reinvent how it teaches information technology   A recent editorial in the Guardian newspaper wrote that Britain is in danger of producing a generation that doesn’t know how Google works. As such, the editorial states that this is a prime opportunity to overhaul the education system and bring information technology… Read More »

Toddlers Use Smartphones as Play Things and Have Their Own Facebook Pages


How kids consume media today The current issue of Ad Week is devoted to kids. It covers things like how kids influence the buying decisions of the family, how companies are doubling their efforts to stay hip and relevant with the kids and of course, how kids are participating in and consuming media. Among its… Read More »

Teaching Kids to Navigate the Internet Is Just Part of Parenting, Says Alyson Schafer


Our parenting expert tells you what you need to know There were some great discussions at our Social Media Week panel that featured Alyson Schafer, teacher Royan Lee and blogger Brad Moon. Our panelists didn’t always agree on everything, but brought different experiences with teaching kids how to work in the digital space. Schafer thinks… Read More »

Kids Are Concerned with Building Personal Brands


Knowing the power of social media to shape one’s image A large majority of 11-year-olds, 86 percent of them actually, are using social media to build their personal brands, say the Ambition AXA Awards. According to Simply Zesty, “The concept of a personal brand is something that adults are just beginning to get their heads… Read More »

News Round-Up Jan. 27: Respecting Differences, Active Indoor Recess and Hipster Disney Princesses


What we’re reading today: 1. Gay-straight alliances were seen as too political for Catholic schools, but they’ve given the OK to “Respecting Differences” clubs. If it gets the job done, we’re on board.  That said, we can’t even imagine how tough it must be for a teenager to come out, so to not even acknowledge… Read More »

If You Don’t Breastfeed, Just Bring a Doll: Nurse-In on February 6


Meri Perra blogs about the challenges she and her partner face in trying to raise their girls with feminist values This must be what it feels like to be stuck in a time loop. Last week, two more chapters were added to the saga of Facebook versus the breastfeeding moms. In a story that got… Read More »

News Round-Up Nov. 4: Elmo Will Help Your Kid Ditch the Pacifier, Eating All the Candy and Kids on Facebook


What we’re reading today: 1. Parenting experts say that parents of teens need to stop talking when their kid is talking back. 2. Doctors say babies should give up soothers after they’re a year old. If you need a little help getting your kid to kick their pacifier habit, Elmo is more than ready to… Read More »

News Round-Up Oct. 13: Occupying Wall Street With a 6-Year-Old, Winning a Baby and Getting Kids on Facebook


What we’re reading today:   1. Five couples won babies on the radio! Well, they won the money for the expensive fertility treatments that will help them grow their own babies. 2. Facebook wants your kids on their social network. They figure that millions of kids already have Facebook profiles, so if they’re signing up… Read More »


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